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  1. I also have a friend looking for a roof and a decklid for a 2 door 510. if anyone one has one available call him (714)308-0551 his name is Bernt
  2. Any one have a R200 diff cover? Mine decided it wanted to crack.
  3. dattoboy70


    anybody have a l28 long block preferably running but will buy non running or mystery motors. cant seem to find one locally.
  4. dattoboy70

    Mr Big Tanker's watermelon wagon.

    well I got $50 on those rotas. I need something to move my S13 around. Welcome to the wagon club, again. Now finish this one.
  5. dattoboy70

    MrBigTanker got a wagon now.Oh boy.

    buy my 2 door now
  6. dattoboy70

    Another 510 KA24DE-T

    Look into 3m strip-calk goos stuff will keep it from rattling
  7. dattoboy70

    What are you listening to???

  8. dattoboy70

    Kalani's '72 DIME

    nice project reminds me a lot of my 510 when I brought her home
  9. dattoboy70

    DatsunNippon carshow/swapmeet at Eagle Rock

    anybody have a shifter for a dogleg transmission?
  10. dattoboy70

    Repro 72 510 SSS Grille & Supersonic badges

    Will you be at canby and can you pm me a price please. If your not going to canby can you quote me on shipping to 90631. Thank you
  11. dattoboy70

    Nissan Jam 2014

    is this show filled up I wouldn't mind a last minute spot
  12. dattoboy70

    L24 breaking up...cant tell whats going on

    your resistor for the points coil isn't wired in anymore right?
  13. dattoboy70

    ratty 521 to match my 411

    you saved a 510! good shit

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