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  1. hurricane14

    Datsloco's 11th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 16,2015

    cool. PM'd. we're local. anyone meeting up from Sac?
  2. hurricane14

    Datsloco's 11th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 16,2015

    anyone meeting up for a ride down from Sac? looking for a right rear corner for a 72 1200 coupe. randy?
  3. hurricane14

    Cheap pedal pad option

    i may have mentioned it in another thread, but like morrisun's local dealer, vallejo nissan here in CA will bring in any part they can find if it is still available and only charge you freight if you have it shipped out from them once they get it. i do this since it's less than 100 miles away, but sometimes hard to get over there during the week and it's worth not eating a chunk of a saturday. i am sure they would be willing to do the same for anyone else looking for parts if the freight is worth it. the bonus is they are some older guys in the parts department and are always willing to take the time to really look and call you back, unlike a lot of the other dealerships that just laugh at you or act like you are wasting their time when you ask for something older than OBD2. i've had them check the main distribution back east, go through their dealer directory of all inventory in the country, and if it's in Japan, they can get it if you want to wait for it. anyway, just another option.
  4. hurricane14

    For the Old School OG's Bay Area

    We used to go to the one in Fremont back in the day. Moved to Sacramento, found out the freaky airplane crash thing happened here in 1972. http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/history/article2574880.html they reopened one a couple years ago, and now my teenagers go all the time, especially for birthdays. pretty cool. http://www.kcra.com/news/local-news/news-sacramento/40-years-later-farrells-ice-cream-parlour-returns-to-sac/20561140
  5. hurricane14

    81 210 to 75 b210 "swap" question

    datsunfreak and datzenmike, thanks for checking in. that is exactly what i was looking for. looks like we may finally get started this week or next, so let you know how it goes and if we have any issues. thanks
  6. hurricane14

    Whats the story on bumper ends?

    Vallejo Nissan parts guys are old school and are used to working Rebello Racing. Very helpful and don't mind looking up parts. They regularly find parts for me from the factory, bring them in to their location at no charge and then I pay over the phone once they get the total with the shipping cost from them to me and send it out. Sometimes takes a little longer, but the convenience is worth it if you have the time, especially if no one else is helpful....
  7. hurricane14

    81 210 to 75 b210 "swap" question

    i already assumed this might be a stupid question before i posted it, but since i see 46 views and no replies, i guess my suspicions are confirmed.....stupid..... mainly was just checking if any motor or tranny mounts, driveshaft yokes or lengths, reverse light connections etc. would need any attention before we got into doing the work. hate to get held up in the middle of something if it can be avoided.
  8. hurricane14

    81 210 to 75 b210 "swap" question

    so we are planning on taking an a series engine and auto tranny that was gone through not too long ago from an 81 210 and replace the original a series and auto in our 75 b210. anything we should look out for? hoping it should pretty much be a plug and play set up, but have been caught before, so trying something new (thinking ahead).... thanks
  9. hurricane14

    My first 1973 1200

    nice to see you pop in and start a thread. i am the guy who knocked on your door out of the blue and started talking to you for about an hour about your car and my son's 72. welcome, and i will be following along.
  10. hurricane14

    Figbuck Chronicles...

    Officially Autumn now. Slowly the weather will change, leaves will begin to fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and eventually the Winter Soltice, which will hopefully once again bring us a visit from Figbuck. Hope all is well and we will hear from you soon.
  11. hurricane14

    78 b210 anti dieseling solenoid valve

    rockatuo from a 81 310, it may work....? if i remember, we got one for our 75 b210....... 1981 NISSAN 310 1.5L L4 : Fuel/Air : Idle Stop Solenoid BECK/ARNLEY Part # 1680106 = $10.66 AIRTEX / WELLS Part # 3H1086 = $36.89 http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/raframecatalog.php?ck[iD]=0&ck[idlist]=0&ck[viewcurrency]=USD&ck[php_SESSION_ID]=no6624ee75nrfkvl1ao84h9p20
  12. hurricane14

    Your First Datsun? What was it? When was it?

    My grandfather was a superviser in the service department at Ford forever. He new enough about cars to have bought a 79 510 new. he passed it down to my mom, who crunched the left rear quarter into a dumpster. My dad got it and used it while working construction and service as a plumber and spilled ABS glue all in the trunk. It eventually sat in front of the house with a flat tire, dead battery and bad alternator. I was told i could have it "as is" for $135 and jumped on it. 16 years old and learn as you go. couple days later i was learning to drive a clutch and rockin that little 2 door all over town. this was back in the late 80's early 90's when it was about mini trucks and 5.0's, so my little beater wasn't all that cool to most people, but it was mine. i did always envy this girl a year ahead of me at school though. her dad was a mechanic and she had the same car but it was all nice, white paint, cool rims, and exhaust. not like mine, dark brown, crunched rear, banged up hubcaps, more dents by me, and exhaust leak...... it sucked because she has to drive past my house to get to hers so i would see it all the time..... :sneaky: kept it running for a few years, did a valve job and head gasket but when the clutch went i had had enough and sold it and got a 87 sentra sport coupe hatchback. only to wreck it, and then start all over with a 81 280zx in the same condition as the first 510, dead on the street........ but that is another story... live and learn i guess...
  13. hurricane14

    Santa Clara Monthly Last Thurs of Every Month Meet

    this still on for April 24? trying to get a friend involved who lives in Cambell.
  14. hurricane14

    my friend denny's 4 door

    that is original paint (except driver side fender) thanks for the offer, i'm sure he will be needing it down the road.
  15. hurricane14

    my friend denny's 4 door

    yep. i think that was when my son took it to a meet and met you. those rims ended up warping out the lug nut holes and are now on the side of the house. those were the original bumpers on there before we changed them out. i will continue with a recap of the "build" as i get my pics together.

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