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Scrub-Boy Budget KA24 carb'd build

Farmer Joe

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jason and i have found its time to create a new thread for his truck..


as alot of ya know, were doin the KA24 swap with it.


the truck is a 76 shortcab longbed. custom DANUTS on the tailgate.


KA24e is from 97 hardbody. around 150k.


weber 32/36.


stock truck intake, converted to wet intake.


5 speed 720 b-type trans.


were not sure what gears it has, but were guessing stock 4.37s.





over the last few weeks jason and us have been gatherin up the parts for the swap. jason has traded his way into this whole swap pretty much. i think hes up to like $100 at the most for materials and part purchased. got the engine and redeye mounts in trade for wheels.


the engine went in last week. from there everything else has just been falling into place.


as of today we have it at least running. it runs with the weber and the points from the l-series distributor. the timing still needs to be figured out. exhaust too.


i really dig the video recording on my phone.. 30fps 1080p capture.. beautiful stuff... turn it up!




runs okay... once theres a rad we can figure out the timing.

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I hesrd it had a prety bad knock at about 5 rpm when jason turmed it over bi hand?? Anyone figure oot what that wasd??



It wasn't anything bad at all!

Just needed some oil, we took the pump off added some lubeage to it popped it back on cranked it n soon it primed itself n no more knock out was just on the tensioner!!!!



It sounds bitchin!!!!

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First thing about getting the ka in is that k-autic and green queen are the one's that got my fat butt off the couch and help push to get this started so i have to thank them before anything. They did most of it


AWW thanks jas! but give it a couple more days and it will be running all over town woot wooot!

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lol... jasons photo bucket skills are awesome!


heres the bottom face of the adapter plate.


and heres a video of it running with the exhaust and a rad hooked up.




im pretty sure itll have a fan on it and the clutch bled by tonight...





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