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  1. 4 more days.....procrastinating :/

    1. Busta Nut

      Busta Nut

      If it weren't for the last minute....nothing would get done....

    2. denmarkboy


      Amen to that !

  2. on our way home to idaho we met a kid in Hermiston <<<i think i spelled it wrong. :confused: but he has a wagon and he was so stocked to see other datsuns at his work cuz i guess he dont see to many so we gave him a sticker cuz it turns out he is on here hahahahaha cant wait till next year cuz i hope my queen will be running. :rolleyes:
  3. the midnight blue one with a ka his build thread is called nanos kautic 620
  4. well.. this will be my first time going and i want to bring the Queen but she is being a BITCH hahahaha we'll see ;)
  5. i like the way it looks that why lol n im not going extream it is just 205/55/15x10 just wanted to see how safe it was but i think i got alll i need thanks everyone hahahahahaha so skib if u can, can u take it off so people dont kill each other on here lol
  6. i have and i get the same damn thing every time
  7. ok i want to know pros n cons of stretched tires :huh: cuz honestly i dont want to die and fuck up anything :geek: so i would like to know peoples opinions :thumbup:
  8. they have some here in the junk yards in idaho... im not sure the condition but there is at least 3 to 4 datsuns in most of the junk yards here the next time i go i can look for ya. i dont know when that will be thou lol its really cold here lol
  9. what year is urs??? n what kind?
  10. that is hella nice!!!!!!!!!! carbon fiber look i LOVE it!!!!!!
  11. where did u get the black carpet??? i could not find black anywhere lol all i got was dark grey?
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