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  1. well damn it. its all good though
  2. This is the first one that iv had an issue with. The other times it was clutch. But that trans was beat to hell. It has been in 3 datsuns with one having a ka swap. Let's just say I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did
  3. I think that tranny has seen better days. but the truck does pretty good now
  4. Hey,I will be up. just hope to get the engine in tomorrow so i can drive the truck
  5. well i made it home. The final drive from teds to the canadian boarder I was a little nervous as my phone decided to die on sunday and not charge. The truck did fine. Glad I was able to meet a some new people and see familiar faces
  6. Here near the Canadian boarder there was a couple time it came down pretty good but this morning on the way to work it wasn't to bad
  7. the owner oh this truck is a real asshole...
  8. like I said in the group text I can bring beer. I was thinking some natural ice.
  9. Alright fine, I live in Canada but the drive was nice traffic was normal. When I got into Bellingham the sun came out,
  10. It was fun. Thanks for the good time. Maybe next time I'll bring a datsun
  11. my datsun is down at teddys needing to be put together. I will have at least a nissan. and the rest isn't a problem
  12. I will be there. I am trying to get out of work but even if I have to work I will only be there till noon. I just have to figure out what to bring
  13. I am going to try to be there. I just don't know with the way work is going.
  14. this person that's going to help sounds like a real asshole. Are you sure he even knows how to work on a car
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