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truck wont start after sitting for a few days


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Ok, if I dont drive my truck regularly and let it sit for more that 2 or 3 days, it wont start without me priming the carb. It is a L18 with a weber 32/36, stock exhaust manifold, offenhauser intake nothing fancy... I dont get it..what a missing?

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What kind of fuel filter you have?

I had a glass bowl type filter on my NL320, it kinda/sorta had a leak, so when the truck sat for a few days, the fuel would drain back into the tank, and since it had a leak, when the pump tried pumping the fuel from the tank, it would just suck air threw the leak, I put a plastic fuel filter in place of the glass one, never had issues since.

The leak was before the fuel pump, so there was no pressure in that line, so fuel didn't squirt out of the leak, it just let the gas go back into the tank when the engine was not running.

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Stock fuel pump and fram plastic fuel filter, ones I have always ran on my trucks... There is usually fuel in the filter, just cant get it to fire up.. drop a little fuel in the carb... fires right up...I dont know....

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'fuel issue' immediately popped into my mind as well.

when you try to start it, the motor turns over but just dont 'fire up,' correct?

that would eliminate a starter issue for sure.

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Webers for some reason (probably the open float bowl design) evaporate fuel really badly. Couple days, the float bowl is dry. With a mechanical fuel pump, it takes forever to get fuel back up there and into the bowl. Especially cold cranking, since the pump isn't producing much volume. With the engine RUNNING it's pumping really well. So priming it gets the engine running fast enough to get good volume from the pump.


I rarely had that issue with my trucks that have electric pumps, but often have that issue on ones with mechanical pumps.

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^ ahh. now that youve said it, it seems so obvious! of course the fuel would evaporate in an environment such as the weber's bowl.

ive been wondering why it takes more than an instant for me to start my car up! :)

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