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620 fiberglass parts [new] !

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Yes, I am still very much in business. I have said repeatedly to contact Me by email. I do not check this thread very often. Thanks.





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Mike, I don't know how you do it... I love my Ratsun brothers, but there's a metric shit-ton of stupid in this thread... Damn kids can't read.


Anyhow, I'll be interested in a dash and a spook. My 620 is last on the list to be restored, but I don't want to get stuck without these parts if they're gonna go away soon.


I'll be at JCCS this year with the full fleet, perhaps we can just do some biz there.


Keep up the great work, dude.

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As most of you guys know Steroid has been selling fiberglass parts for the 620's for some time now. Im posting these pics of his products for him to make it easier for people to view/purchase them. I can verify that his stuff is high quality & built to last. The price sheet w/ part #'s will be posted here soon. Bleach, like we discussed can we make this a sticky? Thanks...






DA 322 airdam

DA 324 front spoiler

DA 310 sunvisor

DA 306 (r & l) Fontana rear fender flares

DA 406 (r & l) Fontana front fender flares

DA 307 (r & l) Mudflap rear fender flares (for wrap kit) can be sold seperately

DA 308 (r & l) Mudflap front fender flares (also for wrapkit) can be sold with or without a spoiler with the rear mudflap fender flares.

DA 325 wrapkit spoiler. To go with other four mudflap/wrapkit fender flares.

DA 350 Metal louvered rear taillight filler roll panel

DL 1 Self sticking windshield DATSUN logo. Same as on Funtana's windshield. Installs on the inside of the windshield.

PR 9 This is Unlimited's L-88 hood scoop.


More pics of these items will be added as i get them. Thanks for looking cool.gif


All of Us 620 pickup owners know well the usual problem of having a cracked dash. Even when the trucks were new they would start to crack within a few years. Also, some of Us have dashes that were "hacked" with a prior owner trying to mount an oversized radio or the illegal removal of a radio resulting in damage. What to do???? Well the time has come for Steroid Products to unveil the newest product. A FULL FIBERGLASS dash!!!













This dash is a ONE PIECE item. As You can tell from the first two photos, it slips into place nicely. A stock dash with gauges and heater controls weighs 22 pounds!! This dash weighs 8 pounds, which would rise depending on what You add. For drag racing, performance and show trucks, You could trim down around 10 pounds from stock!! This dash can be airbrushed, painted to match Your truck's color or just done in gloss black. The ideas for gauges and trim are endless!! Maybe cut some expensive wood to set behind the gauges or brushed metal that has been sprayed with clear or annodized. The cutouts have been left in place for Your vents. They can be added behind the dash with epoxy for still functioning side vents. Also, if You choose, You can trim the defroster vent areas. If not, some screen can be glued into place.


Price will be $350.00. I have them available now.

I'm interested in your dash, How can I purchase this and can you ship it to Atlanta GA 30141 ?

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How do i go about getting a spook spoiler for my 620?


Yes, I am still very much in business. I have said repeatedly to contact Me by email. I do not check this thread very often. Thanks.







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I am back and will try to get caught up with Your requests. Also, while I was in California, I ordered another run of 20 taillight filler panels so they are available again. Price has gone up though to $60.00 each now.

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