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  1. I mean it kinda has to be for the wire tab mounts
  2. Never mind I see what you're talking about. I don't have a valve cover I front of me so it was kinda difficult to understand. I don't think it would really get that thin on the edges, it looks like it's same thickness on the underside from pictures I've looked at on Google. Never know till you try eh?
  3. On my Nissan one, if I remember correctly, the Nissan is same height as the two ridges on either side
  4. Yeah that's what I was thinking...the ridges are just aesthetic features that were part of the mold for the cast...taking them down to the same plane as the rest of the VC shouldn't affect the overall thickness very much if at all...
  5. It being the valve cover lol
  6. Yeah that's the route I was gonna go. Then follow up with some super fine grit paper and smooth it out. I've never seen it done on an L series VC...I think it'll look pretty nice. Thanks Lock, helpful as always haha Still trying to get my car to my shop...can't find time nor car trailer lmao. I'll post pics here I guess when I get started and finish it
  7. I was looking on eBay/Amazon for a new valve cover and had an idea...was wondering if anyone on here has done or seen it before. I wanna shave my valve cover down so it just smooth...only the pcv valve and oil filler, the ridges and "Nissan" would be gone...thoughts? Concerns? Experiences? Lol
  8. It violates all the rules!!!!
  9. Any one have a 4bbl manifold for a zcar laying around?

  10. Down here in az atf is all I ever ran in my su carbs. Thing ran like a stuck pig. I think altitude has a factor...just a thought. I went up the mountain in Tucson (considerable altitude change of a couple thousand feet) and when I got towards the top it started to bog and sputter and sound like crap. Probably cause I ran atf. I messed with those carbs for about two hours trying to get it to run smooth again but no luck.
  11. There are a lot of great guys on here that can help out with any issues you have. Some of us have seen it all, some think they have, and others are total noobs. But in any case, welcome! Post some pics and get to the good stuff!
  12. Dude it's Dime Day, grace this page with some pics of a beautiful 510
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