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Long time no see...

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well I have been working real hard lately trying to get my business off the ground, i havent had ANY time for the dato and now I need to sell it to get my business going... If I sell it I might just make the money I need. so I am going to take a major loss here. $1200 Cash NOW NOW NOW... It hurts my pride to do this but I gotta think bigger picture. I WILL include the tein superdrifts and 280zx front brakes. It still runs great. I Have about $800 into JUST the teins and brakes and I have yet to finish the welding due to time. Heres a quick run down, 71 wagon, L20b, 620 5spd, weber 32/36, 2 1/4 exhaust straight back, everything works, BRAND NEW HELLA E-codes drove the car at night twice since I got them, upgrade headlight wiring with dual relays, I might even throw in the spare parts I have to make space for all the new tools I need... maybe. I WILL BUY ANOTHER ONE... but life goes on...

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Ok the Kim Chee was good But I counldnt eat it anymore. They banned me from work cause of the KILLER Farts that it was making. My old man ate it up after my fridge broke. plus made some more for himself(it was Lame)


PS I would never sell my Soul over a Datsun!!!!!!!!!!!!


One day I would want/hope to be that, "Baby Forces Sale" but it wouldnt be for the money ,But the extra room. That Baby in the truck Avitar is Cool(cute baby)



But next time you buy a Datsun make sure you have at least $50K SAVED before I come down next time to fix a car.( really wanted to see if I could gett it running as a challenge to myself)

Jeff Hino and I have discussed this that we will not fix cars anymore if people keep selling them within 6months or a 1yr after will Help people out.

They all say OH ILL NEVER SELL IT.

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I used to trade beer and cigs for labor and parts, I quite smoking and don't drink anymore (makes me want a cig. haha) Now people expect me to work for nothing! Fuck that, I'm with Hainz once for a challenge after that it will cost. As for you zuum, you will be back, you always are haha When this sight gets old enough to do user clean ups I will make sure to keep zuum510, because I know you will be back :)

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I DO still have it. Its in lakewood. AND YES I WILL BE BACK! Next time it will be a sedan... 2 door or 4 door, but not today... I LOVE DATSUNS, but If I EVER want to builf the 510 of my dreams it starts with the sale of this one... sorry Hainz and again THANK YOU your a true BRO. Just give me a call to setup a time to see it. I have it parked at my friends carlot so it gets locked up at night. 253-441-5989 JOE

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