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Fabrication Win thread


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In response to the "fabrication fail thread".

There's many good fabricators in this forum, so I decided to create this thread so you can show of your stuff.


Some sheet metal fabrication I did on a panel of a 59 Chevy Elcamino


Kind of hard to tell from this picture, but this panel was so rusted and thin that you could poke holes thru with a screwdriver.




Measuring and tracing the new piece.




One pass on the bead roller




Brake and trimmed the edges, Shrunk and stretched some spots.




Tack welded




Welded the whole thing




After grinding, filing and more shrinking and stretching; Here's the final result.



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Ahh metal forming; a nearly dead art that luckily has seen a resurgence lately similar to pin striping. I think society is finally remembering just how much personal sense of accomplishment is felt by physically creating something. First they get rid of shop class in schools because "Everyone is going to be an I.T. guy and doing something digital" then ten years later, we're struggling to find enough shop teachers for all the shop classes starting back up. Ha!

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...and manufacturers are having a hard time finding good machinists.



O.C., any pics of that installed?




Here's my latest fab project. Bit of a plug too :)



The mounts are a 3/4" drop from the factory KA mounts. They will fit the KA24E and KA24DE with stock 620 rubber motor mounts and allow one to bolt the KA to a 620.


Original mounts




Modified stock mounts




Cad model after reverse engineering the stock mounts. Did both sides of course...




Cut plates




Finished product.






Headed out to my first customer. :cool:



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Man I wish I could fab stuff. All I can do is machine shit. It's cool, but to fab something, Bend,brake,weld would be so much fun. I've tryed it but never works out for me. :(

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Metal forming is dying. Not many young people are picking up on it.

Mainly becuase not a lot of customers want to pay for something metal finished. When bondo and/or lead are cheaper to do.



2eDeYe' date='22 December 2011 - 07:23 AM' timestamp='1324567438' post='597714']



O.C., any pics of that installed?






Not yet. The car is currently going under a frame off restoration.


Nice brackets you got there, have you tried them on a 521?

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Man I wish I could fab stuff. All I can do is machine shit. It's cool, but to fab something, Bend,brake,weld would be so much fun. I've tryed it but never works out for me. :(



im in the same boat :lol: my fabing involves a large hammer and lots of expletives, but i got a guy for that, he needs machining i need fab work, its the perfect match

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2eDeYe' date='24 December 2011 - 08:51 AM' timestamp='1324745469' post='598782']

I have not. I imagine they would work on the 521 and 720 but haven't had either around to verify with.

The problem that I had using the stock KA mount was that, the driver's side 521 rubber mount sits about 1 inch forward. So it wouldn't really line up.

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So, here's a firewall recess I did on a Ford Model A Roadster.


Traced my template onto the sheetmetal then did a pass on the slip roll





I fucked up while trying to brake the edges. I had to start over again, so I couldn't take pictures of every single step since I was already taking too long.


Braking and shrinking the edges seemed to work better, here it is tack welded.





Time to pull the motor out to TIG weld it all the way around.





After a couple of hours hammering, grinding and filing. Started to look smooth




Flathead fits now



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