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  1. hacked521

    1971 wagon a.k.a. The Flying Hen!

    Thats so badass!!!
  2. hacked521

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    Love checking in on this thread as I'm always impressed by the quality of work and how thorough you are at improving everything about this car. not just another build thread for sure.
  3. hacked521

    1971 wagon a.k.a. The Flying Hen!

    Thats pretty badass, cant wait to see this thing supporting its own weight :thumbup: ....bump steer is the only thing i would worry about.
  4. hacked521

    Madness 521. (Originally "project DIY")

    Nice stuff, fab work looks good.
  5. hacked521

    Help me find a project thread

    http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=21550&start=135 Found this on 510 realm. Not exactly what you're looking for, but it might help some.
  6. hacked521

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    Hope the pain gets taken care of soon Charlie.
  7. hacked521

    521 Right hand drive conversion

    The firewall is even stamped somewhat symmetrically, if you look at it it has the stamping put into it for the steering column. I don't see how it would be dangerous for this guy, considering he is driving on the correct side for the rhd. Even if he was driving on the incorrect side for rhd, I still don't see how its dangerous to drive. You just need to drive smart, like you should be in the first place. I converted my 521 but no factory parts were used, I'm not much help for you.
  8. hacked521

    hacked's 521 (turbo bagged right hand drive)

    Its a USRA dirt modified. Its about 650 horsepower trying to drive through 9 inch wide tires. Its fun but difficult to get a handle on and be fast.
  9. hacked521

    hacked's 521 (turbo bagged right hand drive)

    No it hasn't at all, its just been put on the back burner for now until I can get some time on my hands and get a daily driver together. I want it together just as much as anyone, especially seeing it everyday at the shop. However unfortanetly, race season is at full swing and that means bodies need made and frames need to be straightened on top of normal jobs and maintenance on our own race cars. Heres a peak at what kind of racecar I'm talking about. It might not be Datsun or on asphalt but its still fun....because racecar.
  10. hacked521

    Bagged and Boosted 71 4dr 510

    a return line will really help your system, right now all the volume of the whole system is being stopped only by the pressure of the spring in the regulator. If it has a return line, it has somewhere to dump off the extra volume. This will also keep your fuel pressures more consistent. I agree with Farmer Joe, at least give it a go for what it costs for fittings and a short length of line. what fuel pump is it? out of curiosity.
  11. hacked521

    Minty Fresh 510

    a lot of fuel cells are just a plastic tank inside of an aluminum or steel box. we use them all the time, with a steel or aluminum box around them.
  12. hacked521

    Bagged and Boosted 71 4dr 510

    do you have a return line? sounds like theres a shitload of volume and your regulator just cant handle it.
  13. hacked521

    My l16 draw through turbo setup....having issues, HELP

    yeah meant to mention that. :thumbup:
  14. hacked521

    My l16 draw through turbo setup....having issues, HELP

    You can but your turbo wont last very long, as in about a 1/4 mile. You need the drain and feed tilted no more than 15 degrees past straight up and down. You really don't want the turbo tilted past that, the oil will either take too long to drain out and coke up or just not drain at all causing bearing failure.
  15. hacked521

    Charlie69's 66 520 Build

    Holy Shit its Charlie!!!!! and yes wayno I agree :lol:. <_< That sucks your painter flaked on you.

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