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64 320 mini truck project


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64 320, so far i have bagged it, 4link, step notch, relocated fuel tank, shaved body, raised engine cross member, new arm mounts and bag mounts in front, also notched frame for steering and bags, i bought the truck with a mazda rx7 engine and tranny, runs good and is super fast, still to come, disc brakes, raised bed floor with wheel tubs front and rear, also custom paint and interior, does anyone know the easiest way to do a disc brake conversion, thanks

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Glad this truck made it to Ratsun! I seriously thought about buying it last year, but the shipping to the east coast, and a local 521 coming up for sale for $225 stopped me form making the leap.


Love this rig though, please keep us posted!

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ok im thinking about taking it completly apart and powder coating the frame and air suspension parts, and painting the engine and also getting it ready for paint, but I want to put disc brakes on it and a different clutch and brake master cylinder and fab up some tubular a-arms, does anyone know a easy way to put disc brakes on, if i have to use hardbody spindles i will, but if theres a easier way, also would like rear disc but not to sure what parts i would need, and im also in need of front headlight rings, front bumper and a tailgate, thanks

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ok I started getting the parts together to do the front disc brake, I picked up some passport rotors and ordered some hardbody calipers that should be in tomarrow, and I ended up buying some mounts from beebani on ebay, so I should be rolling disc in a week or so, then ill make some upper and lower a-arms, then ill start doing some powder coating and painting, if i can save some money or get some side jobs to make more cash for this project, ill post pics as soon as I get the parts in :)

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im making the upper alittle wider to clear my bag brackets and the bottom is going to have alittle bend to it so I can get more drop with the 18's im putting on but still get the same amount of height and also so I can fit some shocks up front, never mentioned I was putting hb spindles on sorry if there was some confusion, im keeping the king pins, also going to make some bent heimed steering rods

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