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Question about a 710


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I have a 74 Datsun 710. L18 I recently had a science project and it dealt with my car and i loved the project bc it had to do with my car and performance...well my question is this: Can anyone tell me what i can do to get more horsepower or torque cheep? i already have K&N and also new headers and a brand new 3inch pipe headers to muffler and i only got about 72hp on the dyno. and i seriously want more even though not necessary but still...anyone help? ill add pics here when asked...its my little treasure

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really...idk if 3inch is the correct one...i was told that they did 3 inchs but it doesnt look like it ima messure it now...lol nope its 2.5 lol...thats still good...ok you said carbs and cams but which carb or which cam would work for the L18

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Unfortunately the big pipe and 'can' probably gave you a zero net gain in hp as the stock system is good for a stock motor. 72 rwhp is about right for an L18. This exhaust will help more if you change the cam, carb or do some head work.


I would guess a mild cam would give the most improvement. Even more with a carb change and the already installed exhaust. But there are many degrees of performance to choose from. Keep in mind that to increase power, the engine has to rev higher and this moves the 'power band' upward and leaves the lower RPMs somewhat lacking and idle even worse. As a general rule of thumb, for every 10 degrees of cam duration increase, the power (and torque) band moves 500 RPM higher. For example the stock L20B cam has a duration of 248 degrees and max torque is at about 3,200 RPMs (L-18 is 3,600) but your friends talk you into putting a 285 Degree cam in and it makes good power. But when driving around in traffic, not much happens in any gear until you rev up at least 1,500-1,800 RPMs higher! Never, never over cam an engine, you will not be happy with the results for a street driven car that sees all kinds of weather and city driving. This couldn't be more true if you have an automatic transmission.


A Weber carb would probably give the next most noticeable improvement overall with a slight MPG loss. More so if combined with a mild cam change.


The U-67 head is from the L20B and features intake larger ports but still maintain the square exhaust to fit that header. Some slight flow increase at high RPMs and slight power loss at lower. It could be milled to slightly increase the compression ratio, as could the stock one.


Now that you have these improvements happening, you should think about an EI Electronic Ignition which has no points. Datsun makes a fine one for the later L20B engines, cheap and effective. Install, set timing and never worry about points again. This is a high output system and requires the EI coil and different spark plugs. Don't be fooled by shiny after market super coils. The Datsun EI distributor and coil will fire an L28 six cylinder to 7,000 rpm no problem... thats the 4 cylinder equivalent of over 11,000 RPMs. Spend the money on a break/ suspension upgrade.


Nice car BTW. I like the 710 look.

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what about a mallory distributor i ordered plugs and wires from ngk im getting iridium plugs and the top of there line(only 1) lol wires soo yea do you guys think that could help. seriously at the dyno at around 5,000 rpms you could hear the car trying to continue but it just wouldnt get there. everyone there thinks its the plugs and well i asked the old owner and he said the last time he changed them was in 1992 lol...the wires...1985 lol i think it would be time to change. and also the people at the dyno said to switch oils to like that new crap qhorsepower or royal purple any oppinions or opositions?

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If they are synthetic oils, I wouldn't. They are designed for newer very tight tolerance motors. Old and older worn motors can leak oil past front and rear seals and well a sucking it past worn intake seals. Not worth the expense for 1/3 of a HP. Never use additives in your oil, just use a premium brand in the proper weight range for your motor. Additives and after market oils are totally over rated. A good oil with filter change every 3-5 K miles and it will last forever.


As for the distributor the EI 'matchbox' was designed by Nissan for the L series motor and tens of thousands were made and they work. Mallroy? who knows? Spend the money and find out, but I thought you....

..well my question is this: Can anyone tell me what i can do to get more horsepower or torque cheep?
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get a elelctronic matchbox distributor.

more for reliability issuses.


is that header for a 710 or for a truck?


most look like this(Trimill)fit most datsuns truck and cars


If it fits then your fine I guess never seen one like that. I would think it was from a 4x4 720 or smething

If it fits good have it ceramic coated. That paint will peel off and rust.


do you still have to go thru emissions????????


To get 15-20hp your are going to spend some money

Cam,porting ,dual carbs



be honest the fastes and best bang for the buck is the 38DGES weber but expensive new and if you dont have to go thru emissions


Mallory distributors are about 300$. Not worth it in my opinion. I seen mallory conversion units.



Thats one clean 710!!!!!!!!!


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Dump the Bumble Bee Can exhaust. recycle it ot take it back.

Get the electronic ignition

2inch aluminized pipe to a turbo type muffler of your choice that fits up nicely under the stock location


a Weber 38DGES double opener carb

maybe matchport the carbadapter when you put it on top of the intake so there will be no sharp edges to break up the airflow.

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Dump the Bumble Bee Can exhaust. recycle it ot take it back.


You know Hainz, I've looked at those cans and all they are is a chromed pipe!!! People pay for a hollow chromed pipe! And expen$$ive too!!

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well yea its been by 1 owner who is a family friend and mechanic and he left for his native country and didnt want to give it up so he just gave it too me and ive been messing around with it for some time now and well i love it too. I seriously am more into tunners of this age like 240s, skylines, supras, etc but i have been quickly becoming a member of this sacred group of Datsun lovers!

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since you got a red car make the rising sun white.

But seriously we do it on beater type cars where the paint is already kinda shot. weither the car is straight or not

Your car is very straight but still has a nice paintjob which I wouldnt want to ruin it incase YOU WANT TO SELL IT AS ORGINAL!!!!!! Or find another hood and keep the nice one to put back on.


I did mine as a JOKE about 7-8 years ago and some how it took off(we 510ers always seem to have spare hoods and start with the WORST hood.I had seen this car a long time ago


I say got to live the Image of a Jap car!!!!!!!!!

headband and all


all ours are trial and error with a spray can paint.Tape of off and go for it.


Dillion(KA510)15-16 years old, does most up here in Everett WA. Matter of fact I think he now has a production line going, Ok not really but he does them. But we dont have choice Datsuns. More of the High Roller types hang on the 510 realm.


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I have them in by L20B. Actually haven't thought of them since I put them in about three years ago. (maybe four) Wow thats about 5 K miles a year plus a trip to Ontario, so over 20,000 miles easily on them. I had the $, so thought I'd try them... and then just plain forgot about them! They work as good as the stock NGK but no better. Last longer if thats worth anything. If you run a regular spark plug, use only NGK with your Datsun, period.

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yea well i bought new iridium plugs for the datsun and YES there ngk and i bought new wires too from ngk as well and like i said before i dont think they have been changed since 92'

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She is sexy - Nice 710. I have a friend (need to invite him to the Ratsun community) He has a sweet '74 710 as well, as well as a '74 610. Welcome to the Ratsun Community! :)

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