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  1. mnementh666

    Whats a GREAT CARB For my 72 620??

    Holley 390cfm 4bbl on a Offy intake manifold :fu: Weber 32/36 DGV is a great setup. Beware the jetting, as it hangs a lot of folks up. I'd suggest buying a couple of Weber books at the same time, such as: http://www.amazon.com/Weber-Carburetors-HP-Books-774/dp/0895863774 That'll help your understanding and maybe help with any troubleshooting necessary.
  2. mnementh666

    shorty headers, being made again!!

    I have a set of the Bill's Datsun headers... almost three years now? Look handmade, so I don't expect Borla quality. Haven't had any issues, except for a gasket leak which I've *always* had problems with. :P And the paint. But that just makes 'em more Ratsun. :fu:
  3. mnementh666

    okay just out of curiousity

    I have a L20B in my '71 521 with no clearance issues... I don't think there would be issues even with a clutched fan. The only issue that should come up is clearances for a... different... carburetor (think short airfilter). :fu: Double check where and how you mounted it. I believe 79D50 nailed it with the tranny mounting...
  4. mnementh666

    521 fuse box sticker

    Hey y'all... I've found (and previously may have posted, but I couldn't find it on a search) my old doc file I made of a 521 fuse box label/sticker for the inside of the fuse box lid. It was created to match the size, including the hole for the screw. If y'all want one, just pm me, and then print and laminate or use tape (in the true Ratsun style) :D If the file share works, try here too. http://www.mediafire.com/file/nuoenygkjku/521 fuse sticker.doc Lemme know if this works, or doesn't. Thanks
  5. mnementh666

    VTEC Cobra?

    :eek: I couldn't watch more than a minute. That was too painful. I'd hate to hear what this guy that's having all this shit explained to is going to go tell his buddies after this. :lol::lol::lol:
  6. mnementh666

    A little art

    Holy crap! :eek: Them there's some sweet (drawings? illustrations?) pictures!:thumbsup: I'll join in with my vote for a 1/4 view 521 :D Unfortunately, mine's too dark for a good pic...
  7. mnementh666

    Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!

    Had to bore out center to fit. Z-71 wheels if I remember correctly :D
  8. mnementh666

    What datsun started your addiction?

    '80 200SX coupe :D
  9. mnementh666

    weber help

    I'm not much up on DCOE's, but I'd check fuel pump output and pressure, and the float level. Sounds like you're starving under load. :confused:
  10. mnementh666

    Axle skool?- 5.125:1 huh?

    Just for reference, I have a 3.70 rear and a '79(?) Z-car 5spd (not the tall 5th) in my 521, and I *think* it pulls 3k rpms at 65. I'd have to verify. It's not a bad setup for freeway cruising, without being too much of a pile of azz off the line. I have the L20B in it though :D
  11. mnementh666

    fs 521 parts

  12. mnementh666

    ratsun guru's 78 disk to 75 frame?

    My own 2 pence: My '70 cab sits on (what I understand to be) a '70 frame grafted to a '79 front clip, welded together at the front of the cab area, so I have disks. I'm not sure I'd do this if I had the choice, but it works so far. :blink:
  13. mnementh666

    521 doors?

    Sorry, haven't been on in a while... in-laws in town and whatnot :o Mike: Honestly, either... as long as it locks :D Not interested in keeping things OE.
  14. mnementh666

    521 doors?

    Need both doors for the 521, straight metal. Driver's side is more important than the passenger's. Some rust ok, but nothing major. I have the glass, so no need for that. :D
  15. mnementh666

    more 521 parts!

    Any parts left?

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