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  1. I highly doubt I'll make it today. Like a dumb ass, I forgot I had a class tonight. I don't get off till 8...then I have to study for an oh-so-important final that's on Friday. FML But I really wanted to talk Datsun. I want to sell the old Mercedes I have in LA and with the possible 8-10K go on a spending spree! I really need to take more care of the 710. Having said that, I plan on building my way up, Willwood brakes, complete suspension setup, and if the money allows, a new motor. (not that anything is wrong with the old one, but a new race motor sounds like fun!) I just need to sel
  2. Hi guys...sorry I got really busy with school. I will be coming out this week! unfortunately I have my Datsun and the kit car down in LA. As I said I do my GTO. It's an 06...before I ask for directions, I'll search for the "secret spot".
  3. Would it be bothersome if I came in a GTO?
  4. jrbd10


    Given that I haven't added my own two cents. I honestly hoped to find a few different perspectives on the idea of Greed in Movies. My paper is a hefty 10 page paper in an advance cinema class(a class I shouldn't be taking) but I digress. I figured if I can conjure up a few ideas that are similar to what I already had, that would be cited and thrown into the mix of my paper sausage. I have already hit all the points mentioned here and most of what was said is reinstatement of what I already have. I'm still working on my paper but this discussion did boil up a few arguments in my head. greatest
  5. I have to write a paper on Greed. Figured I might as well see what the humble owners of Datsun think about the idea of Greed in Movies. Anyone have any thoughts, fire away! Should stir an interesting conversation and could aid me on writing my paper!
  6. Jesus Christ...I dont know whether I should feel happy or like shit... :mellow: I bet they already fixed it. License plate cover was from STANFORD ALUMNI, doesn't mean much in truth but a Zr1 with Stanford Alumni should equal money. I would at least speculate but I digress.
  7. jrbd10

    Back Again

    the power of datsun will always live on!
  8. jrbd10

    Back Again

    reunited and it feels so good! hahahaha :P
  9. jrbd10

    Back Again

    no i if my memory serves me right, you lost the yellow 610 i think...im sure it was yellow! it really hurts when you loose a car that you invest all of your time and money into. I nearly cried when i was 5 and lost my bug i never got to drive. :( o well i have my 710 now and happy as hell. ;)
  10. FAIL...very true. He never should have even messed with the power of the mighty Z! ;)
  11. but paying for a new tranny will always sound bad!
  12. Just thought I might add a little humor to this idiots night. I was coming home from Chipotle and this kid, not much older than me was driving a sweet Zr1 Corvette. He kept revving and i thought why not fuck with him. I was driving up to 35mph and stoping there. Cops in this area are everywhere...So on the next light he makes it obvious that he wants to go. z vs vette. I should loose with no problem...But instead I win the race to 35mph and the light on a count of, the idiot popped the clutch, gunned it and utterly lost his transmission and his clutch. You could hear the gears screm before all
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