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frozen engine


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Ok I got my latest 521 and the L16 in it is frozen. I can't turn it over by hand with a socket on the crank. I pulled the valve cover and poured oil on it (thanks mark) and pulled the plugs and squirted marvel mystery oil on the pistons. It is in neutral. ANy suggestions?

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I had a mysterious lock up once and when we put it in 4th gear and rocked it back and forth it let free.I had my tranny stuck in 4th gear earlier that day so we learned that due to the ratio in 4th you could actually push it in gear.

I have also had 2 occasions with warped heads to the point that the cam would not spin and locked up the motor.Had to drag it to get it to start once and the other time I was trying to pop start it and a cop pulled up and told me to get in and he pushed me until it started then drove off!Good cop!

So maybe try to rock it around in gear or check the valve lash otherwise you will have to disassemble some stuff.

ps.take out the spark plugs to release the compression.

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Mike this is a longshot but maybe the clutch disc is fused to the flywheel thus causing the crank to not turn. It shouldnt be that hard to turn the crank bolt.


If it was fused wouldn't it just turn the input shaft if in neutral?


Stick a starter on it... a gear reduction starter if you have it. They are over a hp in power I think plus the mechanical advantage of being out on the starter ring.

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If I try to turn the engine the other way the Crankshaft pulley bolt just loosens. I will try the 4th gear rocking but I have serious doubts. I may just put the L20B I have together and try that one. Or should I pull the head first?

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