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almost broke my hand......damn leaf springs......

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ok, so i did my 3 inch drop today.....imma order the 4 inch tapered this week and swap it........anyway, nobody said that the leafs would violently smash my hand to the ground and not let me out, lol. i thought after i took the u bolts off and they didn't shit themselves it was all good. i was loosening the bolt that goes through the leafs and had to hold the base of the ratchet to keep it on the bolt. it basically so fuck yo couch "nigga" and pinned my hand to the ground....even worse, i was using a 3/4 ratchet so i had to use a 1 inch long reducer to get it to 1/2, plus i as using a deep well socket cause i like them for some odd reason.......thank the lord my friend was outside as he had to get the jack out of his car (only took 45 minutes...) and jack the leafs up to free my hand....i was wearing my ford motor sports gloves thank the lord (i know, i know) and i didn't break anything. i was (------) close to chewing my arm off like a trapped fox to get the fuck out of that shit. all i could do was put my foot under the overload leaf and try to lift a little..... worst part of that was although it helped a little, i had to move it t put the jack there so the little help that there was i had to let go of to get out.....those damn stock jacks take forever too lift anything too....not to mention once he got it there he realized he left the bars to raise it with....while he went for those, i calmly (bullshit) took the vice grips and locked onto (luckily they were already almost closed) the little hoop thing and raised the truck off my hand......it hurt so bad i couldn't even cry....i laughed my ass off though....it's been a few hours and it hurts like hell.....damn arm is starting to swell up a little too...it hurts all the way up to my elbow....long story short, "only you can prevent forest fires"......

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I did kinda the same thing once. When i was about 16 or so, i had a nissan hardbody (my first mini truck) and i was lowering it and had no clue it would do that. It didnt pin my hand to the ground or anything, but it did scare the crap out of me.


Hope your hand is alright.




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When I lowered mine I removed the clamps (whatever they are called, the ones that hold the leaf onto the other one) first, that realising the pressure on them, then removed the center bolt.

Although I had a little accident when lowering the front, the nuts on the height bolts were pretty tight so I used a breaker bar, I was pulling the breaker bar towards me, breaker bar snapped and hit me on the forehead, I started bleeding but I though I was just sweating later I realized I was bleeding a lot, tought I would need stitches but after I while it stopped bleeding and left me a nice scar.

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Told you not to take them off. Did you get it up off the ground with jack stands.....might help....also get a better jack next time and have it a bit more handy. I was helping a friend lower his GMC 3500 dually and it fell off the jack and his hand got caught between the overload and normal leaf pack....now that is pain. Dumb ass insisted not to use jack stands. I know he learned a lesson after I jacked his truck up off his hand.

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So...I haven't seen your project thread yet...


When you start one we are gonna need detailed pic's of the broken hand and a complete writeup (with more pic's of course) of the repair work involved. :D


This will help us forget the pic above :fu:

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Personally, I always use a clamp to hold the springs together while I take the bolt out. That way it doesn't cause problems like this.

A friend of mine was helping a guy swap out the front end of Bronco. They had it on a floor jack rolling it under the rig and getting ready to lift it in place. He had his left hand on the brake rotor with his thumb hooked under it when it fell off the jack. He lost the end of his thumb.



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