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RV Hook Up @ Canby?

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*sigh* :rolleyes:


yes, there are hook ups and space for RV.



when you sign up you check tent camping or RV camping.




and Dirk is right on one thing..... there not even near Canby.


Disney Land > Canby = 973 mi - 16 hours 23 mins

Las Vegas > Canby = 963 mi - 17 hours 23 mins

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Dennis...when you come out this way... Can you stop by my house in Mesquite and pick up some of my 510 parts for me? =) with the wife preggers we're not gonna be able to get back there as soon as we hoped....


THought I'd toss it out there =)

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Average RV MPG: 10

Estimated fuel cost in 2012: $5.00 per gallon

Distance from Disney Land to Canby: 973 miles


Convincing your wife to spend almost $500.00(One way) on a 16 hour detour in a rolling outhouse so that you can go look at old Datsuns....




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DUDE!!! Another Texan headed to Canby next year!. I'm trying to put together a trip myself. I'm driving my Datsun and sleeping in the bed though. Wife is planning to fly up. Gonna try to work out a convoy, but sounds like you're already going to be in the middle of your trip, so guess first one there gets to fly the biggest Texas flag you can find.

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lol Ill give you a point for every Texas Ratsuner (not once from ect, but currently residing in) that makes it to Canby 2012.



the scores looking a little lop sided :lol:



Have to least give him one point, the Dr.Pepper museum is in texas and if that doesn't help my Z is coming from there. :lol:

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I think Skib just lost a point.




.... damnit... I just noticed my member status changed.

I knew one day it would happen, and that I'd probably wish it hadn't.....


good job skib, you get you point back.

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What's Dublin's? I'm guessing beer, but that's made in Ireland. If we do make it, I can guarantee that I will bring some Texas with me for the trip. Beer, ice cream, etc.



They are the Dr. Peppers made with the "pure cane sugar". Sold in the little glass bottles. I never knew about them untill we moved to Tx. There IS a taste difference too. We brought 4 cases back with us to So. Cal, but we're out now. We need to restock.

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