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3 brothers and 3 521's

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Dark green goes to my brother Rich....lighter green goes to brother Seth and mine is in the middle. Just thought it would be cool to see how many family members could put there datsuns together to take a pic and put it on here.




I may do the 510's next.

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The dark green is lowered but stock. The light green is lowered but otherwise stock and has factory paint, with green stripe. The blue one isnt so stock. It has a Z22, 5spd. and lowered the nices interior is in the light green one. me and my brother seth are members of Ratsun. Our family is big into datsuns, its a good family thing cause its cheap fun. The datsun bug all started when I bought my 240Z then it snowballed from there. I have more pics of my blue one and a better story under Project Oldrice in the truck section. wheew!

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Kinda funny how stuff like this ends up in complete families... I don't have a Pic YET of all of ours but my brother "Red Wagon" has a '72 521, my dad has a '71 521, and I have a '71 521 and '72 510...


We work on these all the time and it is like our best way to communicate, having this in common with each other... Anytime we need a part or tool or just want to talk about things it always ends up talking about Datsuns...


No real point to this other than it's in our family blood...

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Fivendimes car collection might actually make a few people on here sick, lol! All of his neighbors are pretty jealous, especially of the 62 redwilly's. Joey, your stoner neighbor Trevor does the BEST,"DAAAAAANG" I have ever heard. lawlz!!!

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yeah he does! dang stoners. he's way cool though. Its cool to keep it in the family since we can scab parts from one another. The toy hauler will definately not be towed by any dato.....and the willys and 510 in the background, well you will have to talk to my brother Seth. He is fixing the willys up to be a off road machine and the 510 is a KA project that needs redone. Of course we all have projects but no money for them. LOL

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