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71 510 wagon


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so as some of you already know i bought the yellow 510 in canton ga off of craigslist and wanted info and pics, so here they are.


















this is the worst rust area right below the battery tray




these are the other rust areas i have found so far






so far all i have done to the car is clean it up some and changed the coil and plug wires, more to come soon

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I like it.......Nice over spray from the PO on the seat..:D But the best thing its all stock and complete....so what about the floor boards?...:unsure:

Reminds me of mine when I found it, just waiting for someone to love her.:P

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yeah theres a shitload of over spray all over the car dry.gif the engine bay isn't much better he even sprayed the spare tire and the wheels aswell. And yes this is the one that was for $2800 and havent pulled out the floor mats to look yet will later tonight and post pics.

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today i put on new fuel pump and fuel lines in the engine bay, afterwards i crank the car only to find the bottom end is starting to knock. dry.gif so now its time to drop the spare l20 in and retire the l16 until i have the time and funds to go thru it and rebuild it.




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ok im about to swap the l20 into the wagon but i have a few questions first and i didnt want to start another topic for it so i posted here. the engine is coming out of a 620. when swaping to the l20 i have to swap the oilpan, pickup tube, motor mounts, but what do i do about the l20 carb? i noticed it had more wires going to it than the one on the l16. will the l16 carb work for the l20 and give it sufficient fuel supply? last of all will i need to do anything to make the trans for the l20 work in the 510?


any info will be greatly appreciated


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it turns out there wasnt a bottom end knock :rolleyes: turns out the bolts on the engine mount had worked loose and everybody swore it was a knock. since there was no knock i started getting things to make the car run and drive better. so far i have gotten the following new things for the car new tires, brakes, brake drums, soft lines, carb rebuild kit, alternator, fuel pump, plug wires, plugs, rotor cap, coil, valve cover gasket, intake/exhaust gasket, battery, battery cables theres more but thats alot to list. and now pics.


engine before:




engine now:




and some drywall work that i found in the corners of the floorboard. dry.gif












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for the radiator or the car? as for the radiator the car i went and looked at didn't have one. as for the wagon there has been alot done to it, ill post pics later


lol for the car buddy. Sorry to hear about the drywall :rolleyes:. Let me know if you ever need a hand

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it turns out there wasnt a bottom end knock :rolleyes: turns out the bolts on the engine mount had worked loose and everybody swore it was a knock. since there was no knock i started getting things to make the car run and drive better.


Nice man, the dude told me the same thing about my car but it purrs like a kitten now since i adjusted the valves. Might want to check the how to section and give that a go, pretty fun project that doesn't take too long.

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Rock Auto has the calipers, and I have a 71 510 wagon shell I'll be posting up to part out


At this point the car is sitting in the shop at work because i need new calipers but no where around here seems to have them or be able to get them. dry.gif And thanks gwb.

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ok did a little more to the wagon today..


replaced this




with this




put this in aswell






sanded hood down to paint no after pics right yet




engine as of right now




old wheels




new rear wheels





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I dont know about those rear wheels? Im thinkn stock hubcaps lowered would be Gangsta


But the heat? Look under the driver side of the heater box and find the valve. Sometimes they dont open all the way with the wire controls.

Try using your hand to fully open the valve. you might get soem heat out of it then. Or might leak.


I always leave the valve open but route the heat flap closed to prevent wear on the valve.

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