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  1. I took some pics of the rust specifically this weekend, here is the album. This weekend i will be cleaning it out as it has sat for the last year or so in the driveway and has turned into rhino ramp and misc storage, will toss the battery on a charger and get a start up video as well. At this price it should sell quick locally, but i'd rather give you guys a crack at it first :P http://imgur.com/a/9Yio0 Was a fun car while it lasted and i've still got a 521 i'm playing with, so i'm not totally out of the datsun game. Got a few misc engines/transmissions and part i'll be sorting through and getting rid of too in the near future. Ran when pulled L18 and truck 5 speed that ran when pulled, L16 and dogbox 5 speed from a 510 race car with a short ram intake with mikunis, and a sd22 and 5 speed as well. Honestly all just been sitting around in my warehouse, untouched. I think i'll go ka24 in the 521, so all the older datsun engine and trans stuff can go.
  2. Ahaha yes, in what is about the 3000th trimester?
  3. Bump from the dead to say i'm selling this thing. It was fun while it lasted, just trying to get this thing a new home instead of sitting in my driveway...
  4. http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org doesn't have a lot of activity, but you can find turbos on there, as you know because you have some posts there too wayno haha this one seems to be the thread with the most activity about it, even has the same portland volvo turbo setup you linked... http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?t=495 and a weird drift setup http://nissandiesel.dyndns.org/viewtopic.php?t=2968
  5. i'll be watching the hell out of your sd22 setup, still got one sitting around in case i decide to give it a home. what is that intercooler out of?
  6. put a used weber 32/36 on it and it looks great, but i can't get it to run for shit. the only jets i can see until i pull the top off are are the air jets 165/160, main jets are 140/135, idle jets are 50/45, and the accelerator pump jet says 50. the venturies popped out when i flipped it over and said 3.5 no both. the thing looks great though compared to the stocker, so i made progress in the looks department at least :P my parts carb has 170/indecipherable cause its so rusty air jets, 140/145 main jets, and indecipherable but too large to fit/50 idles. i can get it to warm up with the choke on, but once i let the choke out i can't get it to idle at all really no matter where i put the mixture/idle speed screw at, just brap brap brap trying to die unless i rev it up a little. it did seem to almost want to idle if i had the sucker out like 4 turns, so i guess maybe my idle jets are too small? about bed time for me thanks to night shift, will see if maybe the vac advance is going crazy compared to stock and i need to back that off maybe? can't think of much else, i've blasted out about every orifice i could with carb cleaner while it was running and couldn't find any vac leaks anywhere but who knows. edit: got it running like a dang top, idles great at about 750 right now without much fiddling. i'm pretty sure there was a leak under the adapter plate, but i managed to get everything sealed up well and no amount of ether sprayed around the base of the thing makes it run differently. at WOT the thing sounds like a goose honking or something, i love it.
  7. I want this guy is on. http://austin.craigslist.org/cto/3422004409.html
  8. this is relevant to my interests, can't wait to see more pics of an install. my h4 conversion bulbs are wired in with relays and all, but i'm not sure how much longer the stock alt will take it :P
  9. hey thanks man, still getting around to that, taking it 1 broken thing at a time. i get so many remarks on my shitty license plate dashboard and i'm always changing it up so much, i don't know when i'm going to upgrade that part... i do need to get things a bit more waterproof before tossing much more wood in there i think :P my old radiator finally conked out on me, but i had a used one from a 521 laying around that seemed to fit well. when blasting the water hose through the top pipe of the stock rad water was flowing mostly out the cap, but with this old school 521 thing with a huge core it wasn't flowing out the cap at all(all straight out the bottom hose) so i figured it was worth a shot. it isn't quite as wide, but the core is much thicker. i tossed riv-nuts where nuts would be a bitch to reach, used my favorite material to fill the gap in the side, and a screen door sweep i had laying around to help keep airflow from going under the thing. not bad for a free fix. i think i'm going to save the aluminum rad for the hopefully much cleaner 521 project... i tossed in a triple gauge pod with mechanical temp in it, and the thing only kicks over 180 for a few seconds before going right back down which was not the case before.
  10. i thought indy sold his? i'm still daily driving mine with a license plate dashboard and no hvac. i got 3.5 windows working now and feel like i'm awesome. i've got a project 521 pickup that came with a sweet set of sidedrafts i've been meaning to try on mine, and a sd22 laying around that is also tempting. someone needs to talk me out of/into spending $600 on a sliding ragtop on it when i get my work bonus haha
  11. yea i got some from his sticker thread, but somehow didn't see those...
  12. one of my first jobs was bagging groceries, and i still cringe when i walk past big ninja black truck hitches. your bumper might give me ptsd haha. where'd you get that goon squad sticker? i could use one on mine...
  13. i'll take the 2nd set if he's willing to split them up. i swear i'll do wheelies in mine if i leave that stock one on there... i've been slackin with forum checking so just shoot me a paypal request to (redacted) for a set shipped to 78753 and i'll pay up real fast like :)
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