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I have a 70 510IMG_20110416_142441.jpgand I have a short or something somewhere which causes my battery to drain out if it sits too long ( drains within a day ). So to prevent that I've been keeping her unplugged when she wasn't being used which worked until this past weekend. I got her to start and drove het around a little and later on in the day I took her to the store. I was inside for about 10min and went to start her and I got nothing, I had power to everything but wouldn't turn over at all. Even with cables connected to get a jump it still wouldn't turn over. I tried to bump start with no success but unplugged and plugged the battery back up and got her home. Since then she wont start even after switching out the alternator which I thought was the problem. I have no electrical experience at all and would be greatful if you'd be interested in finding out what's wrong and fixing the problem and learning in the process. your labor will be compinsated for with booze or w/e can agree upon, thanks.


P.s. I'm located in long beach CA

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I could go 2 for 2.....make sure the connections are tight @ the starter. Have the battery tested. Make sure the solinoid wire is on there.. fuseable link going to the fuse box?


is this your DD?

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I might be able to help out this weekend (late saturday)...but I'm tied up the rest of the week after work. if you could get it to my house that would be best...but I know its not always possible. Sunday I have to meet up with another member and pick up his bumper, so maybe I could swing out there then....IF you haven't fixed it by then.


Get a Haynes manual!!! =)



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I think he was asking if te battery was ever relocated to the trunk. Sometimes when people do that they don't get a wire that is thick enough and it can cause some issues with starting the car or powering the electronics.


I think it's the starter or solenoid. But again I'm not a master mechanic like a lot of guys on ratsun

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The one thing that is nagging me is the battery drain, that seems like a short or somthing not wired correctly and staying on draining the battery. Check how your stereo is hooked up if you have an aftermarket stereo is it hooked to your battery for power?

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