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  1. hey ggzilla are you on maui still?
  2. If this helps i used fuel pump part number E2000 from airtex, it is a Ford fuel pump. I mounted mines below the fuel tank right on the frame rail. Be sure to use the rubber isolators that come with it. If not it will be really loud. For my radiator I'm using one from a 96 vw jetta. It has house outlets on the correct side too. It doesn't have a filler neck though, so i used one from a dodge Durango which is remote mounted. I was able to use a factory oem lower radiator hose from the 240sx with a just a little trimming. And I'm only using a 14" fan on the front of the radiator. A
  3. What size tires are you running on your minty greens there? I'm running 235/45/18's with the torsions cranked pretty much all the way down, a middle leaf yanked and 3" blocks. My tires are way too tall though even though they are only 1/2" taller then my stock 195's on the 14" rims. Yours and Redeye's look perfectly sized.
  4. I have a turbo sitting in my garage taunting me everyday!! I'm running happy gas in my DE right now but that gets expensive every time i wanna refill. I'm thinking tax time well be boost time!!
  5. I pulled out my speed sensor and replaced it with the cable driven speedo. Fits perfectly too. Speedo kinda jumps just a little, but that could be because its the original cable still.
  6. I think I may have miss informed you guys. I'm not using a true 4-2-1 header like I thought It was originally. I DID have a long tube 4-2-1 from Hot shot headers but found that they WILL NOT clear the torsion bars without removing them. I am using shorty headers. Sorry for any confusion!!
  7. Sorry! Just got home from work. Here's a couple of shots. Again these are just some cheap $75 Ebay headers too. I didn't have any fitment issues either. I tried long tube headers but with out having to remove the torsion bar they weren't gonna fit so I used thes shorty's instead. This is looking down from the firewall. Looks are deceiving here, there's a ton of room between the fire wall and flange This is looking through the fender well. Another shot looking down.
  8. I'll be there in a 620 B)
  9. yeah definitely needs an update LOL. I'm slowly acquiring my parts for this same swap onto my 620.
  10. go where? no linky linky :confused:
  11. Ok guys so I don't know much about Z cars and I need help identifying a relay/module for a friend. Its in a 72 240z. We believe it is an accessory relay, it is located on the passenger kick panel right below the glove box. This one actually has a pigtail on it with 4 wires and a connector. Can someone tell me what it actually is and if they have a part number for it?
  12. Definitely take these guys' advice. I was born and raised there. Yeah "haole's" do get it rough. Not saying its right either, But if you come off with a good attitude you will be treated the same. MY advice while on Oahu is to just be really weary where you go at night, hell even during the day LOL. For the most part you will meet some very genuinely kind people. I PERSONALLY hate Oahu, just too damn busy for me. I grew up on Molokai and Maui which is completely different. But definitely make some LOCAL friends they will take care of you!!
  13. I think anyone can say that about anyplace. I was born and raised there. I'll bet this happened on Oahu....that place is a fucking nightmare. I was raised on Molokai and Maui. COMPLETELY different mindsets there. Oahu is a fucking rat race, dog eat dog, watch your fucking back place. I am part hawaiian/filipino and would NEVER EVER live on Oahu! Just sayin.... B)
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