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The sticker on the back of the JDM 620 says:


最大積載量1000kg ("maximum payload 1000 kilogram")


This is for 620 Truck and 620 Custom [King Cab]. For the 620 AV (aluminum van), it is a 850kg and for 620 CV (refrigerator truck) is a 750kg sticker. For the 620 Pickup (the el camino type thing, the U620) it is a mere 400kg. My little Datsun 1200 ute came with 500kg sticker but it doesn't have a back seat like the U620.

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I have seen only a few photos of longbed 521s. I believe they exist. With all three of the 620 longbeds that I own, one thing is a consistant, AND I see it in these pics. Notice the two reinforcement "bars" welded in vertically above the wheelwell? Ever see two of those on a standard 521? Also evident are the 5 bedhooks, not 4. For those reasons alone, I feel confidant that this is a genuine longbed 521. Don't forget, Nissan also made 521 VANS. IE: a two door wagon with the 521 side recesses all the way back. Also U521s. I have posted photos of them on another thread.


Can You post those two 521 pics in the 521 gallery please? Thanks!

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