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can someone help me find a part --- for j13/ j15

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i went to get my fywheel and clutch worked on about 6 months ago and i am slowly getting things back together. the problem was the guy said he doesnt know where to get them.


carpartsmanual.com only shows the pt #


here is the info.:

Section 2 Key# 28 Datsun Pickup 520/521 Piston & Crankshaft (J13)




Model code: B130


Newer part numbers:


Older part numbers:


Part No.ModelApplied DateQtyIcaSupercededFromToNFWASHER-LOCK TO FIX FLYWHEEL TO CRANK SHA12314-30000






any idea. theyre two of them when you take the flywheel off. i am just wondering because i dont want to reuse what i have and do the locktite fix.




and its #28

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You can re-use them unless they are too worn out. I would certainly re-use them.


Did you try the Nissan dealer? If you walk in, an experienced parts man can give you the current equivalent part even though the part number has changed. Most of the bolt/washer part numbers are different now. They changed around 1970 and have change again since then. But #28 is using a standard (non-bolt/washer) PN and may be still good.

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If you want to read about Kip Motors business, pick up a March 2011 issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car.


I have purchased several parts for my J13 rebuild from Kip Motors. They are very knowledgeable and have a deep inventory of BMC parts, some that interchange with the J13. I would not rely on them to confirm interchange, only a source for parts.


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Gee I have bought a lot of Datsun parts from various Nissan dealers, mostly for my 1972 Datsun 1200.


sorry ggzilla, I meant to say I didn't think that nissan dealers would sell datsun parts referring to the L and NL trucks or pre 1970's.


buying from thr dealer would be expensive though, wouldn't it?

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