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Ok Old guys, What can you tell me about this Radaire Heater?

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I figure there are a lot of the older guys on here that have an interest in old, odd, cool stuff. I bought this at a swap meet this morning thinking it would work great in my garage considering my little kerosene heater is on its last leg. The guy i bought it from said he used it in his machine shop for quite a few years. He stressed me on making sure its vented outside though, and not to turn it up full otherwise you can smell the gas. I think it can be used with propane and natural gas.


I looked around on google, ebay, craigs list and didnt find a single thing on it or even anything about the company.


What do you know? And how the hell do i light it?







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went out and spent 150 bucks to make my 15 dollar heater to work. Propane tank, Regulator with 5' hose, 3" double wall vent tube, 3" Outdoor vent cover and some galvanized flashing. Did a quick test fire in the garage just to see if it actually worked. First attempt was a bust, no propane running to the heater. Started checking everything and tearing apart the valve/adapter setup the old guy had. I don't know what insect decided to nest in that valve but it was white and squishy. Put everything back together with the proper gas line seal tape then threaded the propane line back on. Turned the valve on for a second then held my zippo up to the hole.... Flames shot out of both ends and it fired to life. Even though the rails are rusty, every single port is lit. for the 20 seconds i had it on it put out some serious heat. Thank god because currently i have a busted old kerosene heater and 2 electric space heaters that dont work for shit.



good investment.

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So in the case of the bottle mount propane heaters, are they only for outdoor and well ventilated areas? Because a buddy of mine has been using his in his one car garage for about 3 months now. He said he hasn't noticed anything as far as fumes, no headache and no passing out. Do they burn the propane differently?



Oh yeah and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide "Di=2 Oxygen") Stuff trees breath. CO (Carbon Monoxide "Mono=1 Oxygen") Stuff our cars put out.





EDIT: Just found out that burning Propane does not create Carbon Monoxide. Only Water vapor and Carbon Dioxide.... hmm

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Take it in and show Your local Gas Company?? When they are skeptical on anything, and to initiate new service, they will send out a technician, usually free, to check Your system. A unit that old was built for gas, not propane. I could be wrong on that but next trip into town, take it in for them to see. You might find out quite a bit just by asking.

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It burns propane very well. I've used it the last couple of nights and it definitely heats the place up without a problem. I keep the window open about an inch to get some fresh air, haven't died yet. I've also very thoroughly checked all my connections for leaks.

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OK-Board Gashole here.This is what you need to do:


It obviously has a vent...so vent it.(a-DUH)

Take the cover off and get the brightest light possible up inside the firebox and check for cracks.

Check the Down draft divertor for cracks also.

Then verify what the valve/regualtor and orifice is sized for NG or propane.

Clean out the burner.Spiders love these things.

Adjust the airshutter to give an ENTIRELY blue flame.The flame should not impinge on ANY part of the firebox or be "lifting" off the burner

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