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oz411 build thread


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Alright im cutting my tunnel underneath the rear seat, where for some reason the tunnel drops down about an inch, im trying to upload to photobucket but its not working,

im in the middle of it at the moment, just waiting for a mate to come round and check for fire while i weld it up!!!!

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Way to go ballz out and cut that tunnel! I would have procrastinated forever!


Glad you started a build thread! You should post a bunch of the pictures from your other threads here so it is all in one place!

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just put in a new set of shocks that the ol' boy had sitting on the shelf,


exhaust is heaps better now too no tapping,


in order to get a little more travel i removed the bracket that the bumpstop hits on, a gain of about 3/4 of an inch


It feels good driving just had 2 ppl in the back and hardly touched the bumpstops... :D



Now im going to get bored, gotta think of something to do??? Any ideas???



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IM not in to 411s at all but I would be proud to roll that 411




I loved Brisbane,Coolangetta and Surfers Paradise when I was there.

Surfers was too mostly for vacationers.Do all the Aussie women have huge breast? I never so so many D cups at one spot in my life.

I LOVE Australia!!!!!!!

lots of Datsuns. Mazda Rotaries. Ford Cortinas. Nissan Patrols, Land cruisers ect..

Friendly people. Parrots flying around.

streets are clean and

Gorgous women!

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