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Rally Fiesta


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Hey, at least he's not driving a Government Motors vehicle! And Ford Europe has been known for multiple rally successes. Plus that Fiesta is a rampaging AWD beast!


But yeah, seriously, video-game like indeed. I'm sure the control is there, but damn he's a good driver. [EDIT: Thought that was practice stage, it's not.] I only hope I can be that good one day!

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I heard it said that Datsun were cheap japanese junk, made out of tin cans, and burn rice. Obviously that was incorrect because 40 years later they are still running great. Putting down brands of cars is stupid and ignorant. Hopefully the Fiesta and Fiat 500, etc. will bring a new era of subcompact fun to this part of the world.

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I'd rather rally my Datsun if it had all the equipment of that Fiesta! Realistically it's not really a Fiesta, it's a massively fabbed-up rally car with all sorts of goodies. Not as radical as the Dakkar rally vehicles, like the Toureg or whatever VW is piloting. Take the plastic off that and it's a tube frame buggy, that's about it.

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Still thought, i thought rally drivers stuck to a manufacturer. All of his insane videos and world records have been set in a subaru. Why switch to ford?


Trust me I would love to see the festiva and the fiat 500 come to this side. The 500 looks to be a really cool car. We had the festiva here in the states in the late 80's early 90's (I know because i really want one with a 323 GTX engine) so i wonder why they didn't keep them here?



Edit: On second review of the video, they have that car geared just about perfect for that track. Red line in 6th down the long straight... insane! :wacko:

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Still thought, i thought rally drivers stuck to a manufacturer. All of his insane videos and world records have been set in a subaru. Why switch to ford?




i would say money prolly played the biggest part... or maybe the car just drove way better.... idk either way hes got some nuts and to fly threw them trees on the snow sideways damn... dudes got some balls

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Block will be racing a limited WRC schedule in the Ford in 2010. Subaru pulled out of the WRC.


That might have some bearing on the change to Ford.


Also, Block DNF'd in Michigan @ the Sno-Drift Rally this past weekend. Out Friday on Stage 4, not sure of the reason. Pastrana won in his 2010 Subie with a collar bone he broke the Sunday before.

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Before I realized what I had, I baja'd my 73 Datsun 620. We have quad trails and open fields. I hit about 50 - 55 in the woods and couldn't get over 70 in the fields because of space and the lack of power. I say "before" because I bought my first Datsun pickup for $50 because I couldn't afford a gocart, quat, or dirtbike. So I used my Datsun for a field beater. Now I wish I wouldn't have.

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Yeah, I'm hoping Ford makes a big comeback with Block's help and maybe we'll get some cool compact designs like they have in Europe. I wouldn't mind a 220 hp AWD Focus. For that matter, a Mk1 Escort would be pretty bad ass too! Somehow doubt they'll bring those back though.

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