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620's with SU carbs


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I'm going through the carbs on my truck and want to change the aircleaner as I was never really happy

with what I had on there. (a foam type on a flat base)


My set up is a little different than a stock 620, but there is not much room between the rear carb

and the brake booster.


Anybody running SU's on a 620? what are you doing for an airfilter? I'm after some Pix of SU's on 620's!

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I wouldn't mind a pic of yours.


There is a pic in my galery, just can't seem to get it to link, the shot was taken after I pulled them off the truck to refurbish, I'll post up a pic when I get them back on the truck.


The reason I asking is my truck has very little space between the face of the rear carb. and the brake booster,


I know my truck is not the same as most 620's, so I just wanted to see what a 620 on a stock frame with SU's looked like.

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These are the filters that came on my SU's when i bought them. The PO said they were lawnmower filters.... :rolleyes: Just clears the steering shaft & booster.


PCD, Seeing these filters, I would be worried that the poor thing is struggling for air. There is just not a lot of area for the air to get through. But, if it runs...

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