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CT Specialties Powdercoating Tumwater WA photos album

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I am starting a thread to show everyone what my shop is putting out for work....started taking pics of all the work coming through and posting it online....Thread will include pics of sandblasting projects, powdercoating projects and possibly some paint work that either me or my brother, who also works for me is putting out..please feel free to comment , criticize, laugh, poke fun....or inquire about your projects...the pics are loading now and i will pos ttehm as soon as the file is unzipped thanks Jon

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nd rail frame coated candy green over near chrome...



old chrysler model A....blast only for street rod builder Ron Arant









4 seater sandrail coated Lolli purple over near chrome...




18" Rota coated same lolli purple over near chrome..off a 1990 325 bmw powered by a ca18det....car is for drifting second set we have done...back ground 18's off bagged s-10 coated gloss black..




17" datto(frontier) wheels coated 60% gloss black...buddy saw them and his frontier wheels are now here....getting done a metallic black...




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32 Frame and wheels for Larry Foss street rods of monetsano...frame gloss black wheels brass...





nother pic of that 4 seater ...to lazy to add to roiginal post...




1/4 midget for buddy coated candy red over near chrome...





personally favorite...t he powedered falcon....guy was addiment i powdercoat his whole car....melted a couple of bushing but hes tearing the suspension off it anyway....sandblasted entire care and epoxy powdercoated it...







Range rover wheels coated 20% black....baller




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Hyabusa powered sandrail by Ryan Graham coated red baron on frame and suspension and roof rack coated flat black...wheelie not my doing but jealous never the less....trying to convince him to build me a roller for trade towards future coating...




My Sundance jet boat, ford 429 motor is all coated allong with the the berkley pump...i will see if i can find a better pic....




The air cleaner assembly i ran for one day before switching to a weber... accle pump bad on hitachi....now i display my air cleaner at work...




My l16 parts beofre reassembly... valve cover is black wrinkle, rest is flat black...




Oh yeah intake is a silver color that has held up well....exhaust mani didnt like the cast...some came off going back to gold krylon on exhaust mani...








and since i brought the datsun to work first heres my baby the first day home from north bend..




ok my fingers are cramping and i wann go finish my alt swap on the datto... will post some more pics soon....

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I have recieved a few pms about the wrong location of this thread so if a moderator can move this over to General its fine .... just pm me to let me know you moved it ... sorry i been favoriting trucks so long i forgot ratsun has other topics...jon

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I have recieved a few pms about the wrong location of this thread so if a moderator can move this over to General its fine .... just pm me to let me know you moved it ... sorry i been favoriting trucks so long i forgot ratsun has other topics...jon



done :D

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Pricing is kinda a per item thing some thigns have base price but most are a look and see casue everything is different....so if you got questions post a pic and i can give you an idea... most of it depends ont he blast time... if its a fairly clean frame its one price but if its painted or caked with undercoating it will be more cause it takes longer to blast those clean.. I also just realized that blast only project for Ron Arant i posted is two diffrent cars....one was a business coupe turned into a five window the other was a chopped plymouth i got pics of after blasting of that one too just gotta find it....

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got some new pics i wanna share with you guys just forgot the camera ....finally gonna do my stockers and either run them or sell them..... :lol:



ps sold the one ton of fun a while ago to buy my business....I stilllike looking at it...

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