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MAG58 takes an otherwise good Z car and ruins it...


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I guess I'll finally say something 'bout my project.


I'm going to finally heave the good ol' L28 out of my 71 240Z and try and cram in my M104 with a little assistance from the ol' snail.


The nice ol' gal...



Here's what is going in it. 3.0L, ditching the ol' CIS, since it sucks, and going with Megasquirt.



So far I've got the thing ripped apart

Something like this...


Mercedes made a fully forged bottom end because they love me...


Including forged rods and Mahle Silicon coated pistons.



So now that it's all apart, I'll finally pull the L28 and mock up with my spare block, head, and oil pan to see what all exciting things I get to do next.


After that's all done to make sure she'll fit, I need to make an adapter plate to use a BMW/Getrag 260/265 transmission (cheap and strong) and find an HX40 and make an exhaust mani once I figure out room concerns.


Stock motor is 230bhp from the factory on crap CIS. Goal for this project is 400hp/400tq at the wheels which from what I can figure, should happen at about 12psi roughly on a good tune.


Questions? Comments?

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And even though this is a Mercedes-Benz motor, this is definitely on a Ratsun Budget. I got the engine and intake out of a JY for 100 bucks, the tranny should be about the same once I track one down. Most expensive part of this project is most likely going to be the Injection!


Being broke does make you inventive...

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You mean you are not finished with that yet?? :lol:


I can't wait to see it done.


Surprisingly, finding a rather unusual engine and an unusual transmission within my budget is more difficult than it would seem.


Though Ron needs to get to moving again on the M-Powered Z so that once I'm done I can cruise way the hell out and gone to Portland to see which German car maker makes a more terrifying engine in a Z car.

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Got the motor completely torn down yesterday. Everything seems clean and I get to start ordering parts sometime soon. I'm still purging the local JY's of Getrag 260/265's to see if I can get one to make an adapter for.


I've also mostly decided I'm going to shoot for something in the turbo range like an HE351VE VGT turbo. I've got a few sly tricks to see what I can do to control the bastard, but I should have my 350ft/lbs of torque at something like 2k-2200rpm in this motor and spool all the way up to a 7k factory redline. Should kill me or break every shaft in the driveline. We'll see.

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Blew up the diff the other day in the snow, so now I get to re-build that. I think I'll take the opportunity to put in my rear disk conversion and RT mount along with my ZXT CV's. While I'm at it I'll probably start measuring diff angles.


Things I need:

M104 automatic bellhousing.


I just located a correct M104 HG spacer so I should be able to now run 20 or so PSI on Indiana 93 octane fuel.


The current bet I've been presented is that I'll break more parts than the total cost for the swap.

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Small update. Got a cheap transmission! 40 dollar day at the pick-a-part yeileded me a sub 100k R154...




Look for me trying (most likely poorly) to cast my own bellhousing for this in about a month or so. That could be interesting.

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The R154 is a great transmission. Toyota really built this thing. If you could find more of those at $40, you could fund your whole project selling them on eBay and such. Most guys are paying $400+ for a used unit. There are some stupid expensive ones going for over $1k.

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Yep! I figured I could bulletproof the thing for 400 bucks (all new rebuilt parts, MC Thrust washer, 1/2 shift fork and mid-plate bearing retainer). Given the power I "hope" to see, 440 bucks for a bulletproof new trans that would go for 1k+ elsewhere, seems like a rocking deal. We'll see...


Does anyone know what kind of revs these trannys hold up to? I'm contemplating between my stroker crank and turning it 7k or my 3.2 crank and turning it 8.5-9k. Either way I'll probably use a 2.6 block punched to 88mm and the CIS head.


Decisions Decisions...

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