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Need some advice.

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A close buddy of mine recommended a machine shop for me to take my block and head to. Its his dad's best friend and I was thinking I was getting a good deal on machine work. We went down there and dropped the head and block off about a week or so ago and had a good time talking for a while, seemed like a real cool guy, someone that I could trust. Well today we went back down there to drop off the old and new pistons to his request and to pick up the freshly machined head. When I got down there and looked at the head it looks like all they did was make it flat, no cleaning, no inspecting, just resurfaced. While i was trying to fish out the metal shavings in the oil passages he told me the price of all the work he was going to do... 380 bucks :blink: when the original quote was 25 each to punch out the cylinders and 45 to surface the head. My buddy gave me a worried look so i just bit my tongue and said i would have to pay it in installments. Without my knowledge he's turning the crank, and installing wrist pins, I don't even think he's going to assemble the bottom end. I called another machine shop that i've gone to before just to compare, was told 40 for the head, 17 a hole to bore, 125 to turn the crank and everything leaves the shop squeaky clean... and the guy has built several race engines for 510 guys and rebuilt the head for my toyota to nearly new for $210.


I really think I'm getting ripped but i don't want to tell my buddy. Im running a shop with him and all we need is more drama. It was all friendly until he started talking about money and then it seemed like he was pushing me. He hasn't started the machining on the block, as far as i know, but i just don't know if i want to tell my buddy that his life long friend is fucking me.


Should have called the other machine shop before I dropped everything off.... Live and learn. :(

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i really just don't understand how it jumped from 145 to 380. 235 bucks to turn a crank and install wrist pins?!


exactly dude, thats ridiculous.


now I never mind paying a little more to support a local shop or a friends shop (even if I can find a place to do it cheaper) but this guy is strait up yanking your chain.

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That sucks! Next time,ask for a written estimate

I've had the same thing happen to me.

I'd go back to the shop,& in a nice tone of voice,

ask him why the price went up.Or phone him.What

do you have to lose?

Is the other shop Rallye/Sport in Westminister?

Jeff's a great guy,builds super clean cars,& was also

SCCA National Champion in a 510 a few years back.


- Doug

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Words of advice:

If you walk into a machine shop and all you see are big blocks and tractor motors you need to walk right back out and go to the machinist that has a Volvo 240DL race car...




Im really kicking myself for trusting this guy.


By the way Skib, I just saw your signature :lol: I've never been quoted in a sig before.

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Don't know what the law is in Colorado but in California the shop must give a written estimate which you initial or sign and if they go over it without getting your signed approval, you owe nothing [and you do get your engine back]! Mechanics lein does NOT apply to unauthorized work.

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It's like I always say, it's hard to find a good machinist for four cylinder imported vehicles.


I know of a few in Spokane, but I've also been to a few who have screwed things up and I've ended up going back and having to fix it. Like when I got my "new" head back and all the valve spring retainers were on incorrectly and the lash pads hadn't been refurbished. They didn't tell me they had divots either, they were supposed to replace them.


If you were in Spokane, I'd give you a few names, but I don't know anyone in CO.


Ditto what Mike said though, stop the work, get your shit back asap before they screw it up to unusable status.

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