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  1. there have been other projects going. plus i moved to Oregon. there has been some progress. just a few updates.
  2. @q-tip the fuel management and harness was going to set me back at or over $2000. I can go with the crane ignition system and the demon carburetorfor less than $1200 plus I don't have to deal with any tuning by way of laptop just jetting based off of exhaust temperatures.
  3. Well the latest is I plan on going with a mighty demon blow through 4 barrel carburetor no more fuel injection to keep things simple and cheaper. I will post some pictures soon of some changes. I had to disassemble the turbo and re-clock it to get the outlet in a more favorable position. I will need to secure the wastegate and add a BOV. the turbo piping nightmare that I've been living is finally gone with this setup now I need to drop 700 bucks for a carb.
  4. i took it for its first test drive with the diesel conversion. here is a link to the latest video.
  5. Well Mr ford galaxie, I am glad you enjoy your 45 plus year old performance and technology. Your lack of understanding of the 3.0 supra six is obvious. Modestly built I should be seeing 380 to 450 HP with half the engine displacement, compared to my old v8. my motor in the last car it was in put 430 HP to the tire. BTW I would put my money on the Lexus for the win. so why dont you meet him with your 8 mpg. Or perhaps changing oil for a living you cannot afford the trip. If my opinion bothers you then I suggest you rethink when and where you subject others to your opinion.
  6. I recently got to go for a ride in the scamp with the 2j. The Two words I had were, holy fuc#! Some people do not understand supra power. There is something to be said about a 12 or 13 second car that you can hold a conversation in while going down the road. Done with fat and heavy v8 power. The scamp did get 27 mpg on the Chevy power tour. So, I say supra power for the win!
  7. yeah talked to him every so often. he was inspired by my build. he has the budget and the arsenal od help to make it happen. the car is currently in So cal at Kaizen Motorsports getting some fat upgrades.
  8. i had taken some time off from the Duster. having issues with fitting the piping. torn between going with a forward facing intake manifold or cutting the fender-well to make more room. the intake is 500 to 1500 bux. not sure i want to go that route. so until i come up with the magic bullet remedy for this problem i will let it sit stagnant. though i did finish the aluminum air dam.
  9. Ok, I have been looking for a rebuild-able core or a runner. it seems in words of ZEROW. these damn diesels are like Rocking Horse Shit. any leads on this engine? i cannot afford to do another VW Diesel swap. i am still in pain from my VW Diesel/CJ5 swap.
  10. i used what i had for materials in the garage to whip this bracket up. my son said it barelt took 45 min from start to finish. sadly i no longer have my work service truck with the Mig welder so i got this slag slinger from harbor frieght for 90 bux its functional. not pretty but does the job.master is installed, line has been routed. what is next is waiting for the soft line for the clutch and double flare the end, bleed it and try it out. [/url]
  11. ok here is a much better video, now the hill has been crested. the easier fab work is at hand.
  12. Man no sooner i started the engine, my wife tripped over my shit pile in the garage and took a header. i had to cut the video without burning anything down. wife is OK,a little bruised but she is good for taking a beating so all is OK. HAHA. once the air was cleared from the lines and lines tightened the throttle response was really crispy. damn am i excited. i will take another vid tomorrow in the day light. Whoooo Hoooo!
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