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L20 Muffler Options What do you run?

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got my exhaust buttoned up on my truck today, welding is shit but what do you expect for 60 bucks, i will get a more permanent setup on this pos later. anyways the thrush turbo is so damn quiet, its a ittle rumbly in the rear but in the cab its quiet, it feels like a tiny truck again!!!!






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yeah the trush is super quiet (to me) it is a tiny bit rumby behind the truck but inside the truck it is super quiet, when i really get into working on this thing i will buy several different mufflers and try them out and see which one i like the best (i work at a parts house so i can take damn near anything back!!! ha ha) but if you want quiet but a subtle rumble try a thrush turbo, as for sound i give it a 3 out of 5, as for durability, i guess we will see

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I just got through putting my 71 510 back together. It has a L20b motor in it. The motor is kinda loud. It came with headers, 3 ft. length of 21/2 pipe, into a small muffler and ends right there. What do I need to make this motor quiet and sound good. All help will be greatly appreciated.

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Is it round and tapered at the ends? Datsun uses resonators to tone down the exhaust before running through a muffler. The resonator is see through with a tube within a tube with lots of holes in it. It allows the exhaust to expand and slow down but by itself does little to muffle the noise.


 Possibly your 'muffler' is a straight through 'glass pack' that will do little to deaden the sound. Definitely running a pipe back to the rear of the car will help move the noise behind you. Silencing the exhaust means slowing it down and spreading the pulses out but this adds resistance to flow which needs to be avoided. It's a balance between noise and good flow and quiet and bad flow at high engine speeds.


Take this 'muffler off and see what you have. If it's a resonator you can add pipe to the rear and fit a low restriction turbo muffler and possibly a tail pipe over the rear axle. Or remove the present 'muffler' and pipe to the rear and a turbo style muffler. Turbo mufflers are low resistance to flow and contain baffles and fiberglass packing to absorb sound. Totally avoid any muffler that is 'see through'. 


I would look at a larger diameter pipe, say 1 3/4 or 2" but not larger. 





My 710 is an L20B with the earlier L16 'cast iron header' manifold. The twin down pipe is a modified 240sx from a KA24E that joins them into one into the original stock resonator then a 1 7/8" pipe back to an expantion to 2 1/8" to fit a 2" inlet $25 cheap generic (quiet) replacement muffler with a 2" outlet with a 45 degree down turn just forward of the rear axle. This is identical to the stock muffler but larger dimensions. It has a nice low rumble note when idling but quiets as it revs up. It's comfortably quiet at all part throttle and only gets loud at full. I think the exit under the car reflects the sound off the pavement and up into the body. It would be quieter with a tail pipe but no way, I like it the way it is.  

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