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Yea, what's up with the tach facing forward on the hood?

I saw that wing on a new Lexus 2 door like the 400 series today. The wind drag alone would keep that car from doing the speed limit on the highway. I love smoking the blat, blat import guys with my pickup.

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I'm pretty sure that ridiculous is what the "builder" intended. It's meant to be outlandish. But he messed up one stereotype- it's supposed to be YELLOW. Though that wouldn't clash nearly as mich as the orange. And there are not enough stickers. I'll bet it's got one hell of a fart cannon on it. Perhaps "Folgers" brand?


I particularly like the one stuck headlight. The stupid looking "stretched" skinny tires on steel rims (with the wrong offset) and the "bling" plastic hubcaps.


It took a lot of effort to make it hideous, and I have no doubt that hideous was the look he was going for. I'd actually considered doing similar to my old '80 Citation back when the Riceboy fad was in full swing, though I wouldn't have put nearly the effort. Plywood wings (or better yet- corregated roofing). I even went to the thrift store and bought 2 dozen cheap plastic flashlights to duct tape to the bumper as "Driving Lights". But then again I'm failrly self-conscious and I don't like sticking out so I didn't do it.

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