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Is that a....



.... but why would you....




.....and now it's .....???


points for originality.....:rolleyes:

points for hard work....



- just sell a baby, and you're good.

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Having owned both of the trucks used to butcher that one, i say hang him by his balls. The 620 and the Frontier are very different trucks, to say the least. Why you would want to merge them, i dont know. OTH, if i was going to do a merging of the 2, it would be a 620 body on a frontier frame. Much better engine.

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Didn't we have someone on this forum a year ago say they smashed their 620 front end and were going to put a Frontier nose on it? I thought it was a joke and would never happen.


The 1998-2000 Frontier front end looks a bit better... on a Hardbody.

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