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possable canby bbq

BBQ for Canby...location, location, location?  

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  1. 1. BBQ for Canby...location, location, location?

    • A..not a good idea
    • B..friday at my place after the auto x
    • c..i pack up the stuff and meet everyone at canby on saturday

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my wife must have recovered from this weekend..she asked me about doing a BBQ for you guys the weekend of canby so i ask


A..not a good idea

B..friday at my place after the auto x

c..i pack up the stuff and meet everyone at canby on saturday


let me know thanx

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yeah but, there stuff is expensive.......


Sometimes that has to be ignored when they are the show promoter. And they are still way the hell cheaper than going to the movie theater or the rose garden for a ball game.


Dont get me wrong, I like the idea. I just dont want anybody getting bent out of shape about it and making it a problem for future years of the canby show. I like the yearly show, can BBQ anytime.

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I know the show does have an optional dinner you can buy for $15 per person. other than that I don't remember there being any food for sale.

I usually bring my own lunch and dinner anyway. I'm paying for entry into the show and a camping site which I feel is the major part of supporting Canby.


IMO an afternoon BBQ at the fairgrounds shouldn't hurt anything.

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Was there a bbq on Saturday last year put on by NW? I know there was one on the show day(Sunday) I thought Saturday was a meet and greet type of day, laid back.




Yes, it was the direction you went in straight forward in the back kinda.

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Last year there was indeed a legit food stand on saturday, *AND* a low key family barbecue with burgers/dogs for sale next to the ramada. If this is the same again this year, I would doubt you'd be allowed to have a separate BBQ. We ate there last year and it was just fine. There is also the dinner, which we will be attending this year. These guys try real hard to make sure this event happens, so I'd be more inclined to sponsor what they have set up.


If you do have a BBQ, you should probably do it off property at someone's house. Even at that, it'd be better for all show-go-ers to be able to hang out in the same place. No sense in having people split into groups, when the whole point of the show is to get together.

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Just a thought, but how about doing it friday afternoon AT the autocross? you could charge a couple bucks, let everybody eat, and donate the proceeeds to the RATSUN coffers?? just an idea, and it would help defray the cost!! we have to stop racing by 6 but I dont think we have to be OFF the sight by 6

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thats not a bad idea do a pot luck style with no one turned away bbq at the auto x site... even if i cant make the event due to work i can be there by 6..or like skib said we just move to the z shop and take over there place

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i have been busy and kind of droped it..i will talk to people when there and see if doing next year would work out...it is going to be a busy weekend...i will be bringing food and an easy up for shade so if people hang out and eat then cool

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