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My First DATSUN!!!!

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hey guys im sitting here shaking im sooo excited today im going to pick up my first datsun, its a 77 620 shortbox!!!! the best part is IM DRIVING IT BACK TO MY HOUSE!!!! 700 dollars cash and a lifetime of fun! ill post pictures later when i get home. :):):):):):fu:

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forgot to add that the guy threw in a free 5 speed out of a Z car, will it bolt up and not require any modification to the floor board or do i have to cut a hole farther back? also it is missing the shifter can i use the one off the 4 speed?

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That is a nice truck. I like the pinstriping:cool: Str8 ass body nice grille and clean front bumper. Int. looks decent as well. Congrats on your find. As for the Z 5speed it is a str8 bolt in. pull the old 4 speed and set it side by side with the 5 speed and they should look the same. The shifters are interchangeable as well. Make sure to replace the rear tranny seal and put a new clutch, and throw out bearing.


What are the immediate plans for it? Oh yah, get rid of those mirrors!

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yeah i have the actuall battery bracket just havent put it on it was bungeed when i got it, i also have the package tray! but i doubt i will put it on i like the extra leg room, if i buy a weber from weber direct will it bolt up to the stock intake mani? it runs a little rough right now but once its warmed up and your on the gas it goes fine, very lacking in power though

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nice looking 620, does it have any rust issue and what the heck is that dohicky next to the windshield bottle, nitro switch ??? :lol:

the color goes good with your house. ;)

if your getting rid of the mirrors, there is someone on here looking for a set.

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The weber carb will come with the adapter plate for your mani. You can get them cheaper off of e-bay. Altho I av never purchased 1 from there. Maybe someone else here has and they can give you more insite. There will be a lot of vaccuum lines to block off. With the Weber you only need 1.

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Ok here are the plans over the next several months, New l20b, 5 speed, clutch, 4 wheel disc conversion, refurbished steering (pretty loose right now), paint (havent decided what color, im up for sugesstions), reupolster seat, tach, bed liner, 2009 titan wheels, painted frame (eventually).


Whithin the next month my dad and i are gonna start our new shop, 40'x60' 3 bays with a lift on one end. so hopefully when the shop gets finished i can tear into this truck, its gonna be slow for now though.


as far as rust goes the truck is lacking, there was one bubble spot about 2 inches by 2.5 inches, i hit it with 60 grit and slapped some shit paint over it to slow it down untill i can do some bodywork. the rest of the body has minimal rust and a few small dents and dings buth nothing a hammer & dolly and some light filler wont fix. engine runs ok when it gets warmed up but needs some carb work. Stock carb obviously sucks. im gonna save up and buy a 32/36 in the next few months that will go on my new motor, i have a 5 speed already that is supposed to be in working condition but my uncle is the manager of a large tranny shop so im gonna have them split it open and clean it up and replace anyhting if necessary. The floor boards look ok but could be better, cleaning them up and sealing them is number 1 on my to do list


Im gonna do a few small things in the next 2 weeks to get the truck decent enough to run in our local car show. the turnout is usually about 1500 cars and its the last sat. of every month. of course i will be almost guaranteed to me the one and only person reppin the datsun name!! sad sad :( any ways here is what ive done today. 1. removed the rear bumper 2. removed the huge mirrors 3. vacummed out the heater core it was full of leaves. 4. pressure washed the bed. 5. oved some bull shit from under the hood that the last onwer put there. and got all of my marker lights working

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I need to figure out why i only have either high or low beams? didnt get to that today but it will come soon, here are some more pics

IMG_0280.jpgIMG_0281.jpgIMG_0284.jpgIMG_0286.jpgIMG_0285.jpgIMG_0287.jpgIMG_0288.jpg I guess the shifter boot doesnt look too bad for 15 minutes and some scrap black cloth, definitely looks better than the original rotted boot

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A lot of good threads on here about cleaning up a 620 & the products used. Use the "Search" when you decide to dig in to your truck. First thing I always do is pull seat, floor mat and belts to see what I got on floorboards:D


Everything you need to know is on this Forum:D Good Luck and have Fun:D


As for paint color I'd go with the factory Yellow it was. Black would look sweet too. Dont see to many black 620's

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