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dual carb manifold

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i doubt you have any L motor stuff


Haha your quick :D


For you FREE to use

But for your friend Yeah for 300$ otherwise in 6 months it will be sold with the vehicle(I dont want to work on Datsuns anymore,I need a more reliable car for school, work)


I thought you had 3 new sets?


Sounds like Hainz is sick of getting BURNED...


Anybody have a 32/36 I can put on my L16 manifold for cheap? Im giving up on the Hitachi..


Buy Slowdats mani, get the 200sx ecu and a few censors, done :D

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OK Dillion,

I would give you the intake to use, But for your friend? I dont know.

Be honest they go for 100$ or $75 for a Cannon Brand Worth 50$ to me.

I think the linkage arms are worth the most money on these things.


But since this is going to YOUR friend I have to sell it for 200$ cause I dont really want him to have it cause I have a feeling that car will be broke /crashed or a KA installed then crashed with in a year. More like he takes it to a Party to show off then gets Vandalized,stereo ripped off.


But $200 it is for my pain and suffering.

If he was a true Hardcore 510 guy I know for years I might give it free. But I dont know him.


I dont like ripping people off but I got to do this

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Do you really think its going to go that much faster with a FI set up?

Its only a stock L16 it seems like


I'd put my money on the FI over carbs. Especially on stock engine setup.

Kind of like your EI dizzy upgrades. There's a reason cars don't use points or carbs anymore...

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Well, the L16, it needs a cam to make use of the dual carbs effectively. The L18E FI setup that Slodat is selling is meant for something a bit bigger also. Either would work, but, both would work better with a bit of a cam in there. Mind, if he's doing that then really he should start with an L20b too.....

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Bleach you made me resort to cheap shots


I got 27mpg you get 20-21??



Yes I get 20-21mpg


Its a sign of Wealth


haha... you don't actually believe that do you?

"just drop a V8 in it and slap a 4-barrel on!"

Poor economy is usually associated with high performance.... usually


Bling Bling!



I wouldn't want to be this poor sucker



For 20mpg you should have over 200hp otherwise its not even worth the tradeoff. My 350Z gets better milage than that...

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