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'65 320 brake drum stuck

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i cant get the drum off my truck i have concluded that it is rusted on in the middle it is circled where it it rusted on in the picture below. i dont want to buy a drum puller anyone have a suggestion 

the image is not mine just on off the internet btw


-thanks, crusty

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Heat around the center and the lugs. Don't worry drums are used to getting hot. Use a 4 pound maul or hammer and smack round and round outside the lug circle. Heat will expand the holes and loosen.... unless the shoes are the cause.

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Yes, the drum rusts to the axle flange. Heat, and maybe lots of it, are going to be the cure.


This is assuming that you A- have the screws removed, and B- that the shoes are loosened to help with removal.


On the 320, there is a dust shield on the back of the brake backing plate that makes hitting the drum with a hammer difficult, There are two slots in the dust shield that make it possible to use a small drift, but it is close and precarious work. Wear gloves so you still have knuckles when your done.

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there's a technique I use in this vid that might help.  I've also had to cut them off with a cut off wheel. I was doing a disc upgrade, so I didn't care about the drum.


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