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Nissan 720 brake self adjusters


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Does anyone know any part numbers for any self adjuster kits for the rear drums? seems like none of the parts places have any and all of the other kits I find are for American stuff. I've seen a few that look like the same parts I need but the websites say they wont fit. Are there any kits for other brands that might fit? It's an 83 Nissan 720 but the actual brakes look like they're from a newer model based on some of the parts in them and my repair manual. 

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The self adjusting rear brakes were introduced on Jan. '81 and on 720 trucks. When the shoes wear enough the excess travel pulls the lever far enough for it to move to the next cog on the adjuster star wheel.


44215-T6200 for the cable (adjust lever) and

44216-T6000 for the guide (adjust cable)



Just in case there is...

44210-T6000 lever assy. adjuster RH

44211-T6000 lever assy. adjuster LH


These are the connections between the cable and the star wheel brake adjusters that spread the brake shoes.

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If they are getting stuck,could be your emergency brake cable.Mine kept getting stuck and I would pull the black little plug off and turn the adjuster to let tension off of it and the cable end was rusted.I got the last cable Nissan had for the 85 720 4x4 king cab.Cables come in different lengths,the one I replaced was the driver side one.I can look in my history receipts and tell you when it was replaced.This was long ago.Take your e-cable out and check the end out.This site has one tensioner in stock.I have bought from them a few times and they are good.Just enter your other part numbers to see if they have them.Here are some parts i bought from them cause USA Nissan didn't have them.Those are the clamps that hold the jack bar across the back paneling and the door knobs and insert pieces.I also bought some valve cover hardware to hold

the valve cover down.Use hex screw instead of phillip head so you can torque it to 2.2 lbs.https://partsouq.com/en/search/all?q=44201T6000


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10 hours ago, bottomwatcher said:

Not to sure on the date there Mike. Mine is 8/81 sold as an 82 and I do not have self adjusters. I thought it was 83 up. That being said even lubing them with never sieze they still seem to get a little stuck every time I go to adjust.


My bad, it's 12 '81 which is December... a big difference and half way through the '82 model year that generally starts with build dates beginning July of the previous year. So yes 8 (August) '81 is an '82 model year. I think I got it this time.



If you drive gravel roads or off road and if you wade through water deep enough to get into the brake drum or fast through puddles the spray will get in and carry dirt with it. The truck manual says to lubricate with "brake grease" however to-days "brake grease" is formulated with silicone. I don't know it it was silicone 40 years ago or maybe white lithium grease. Lithium grease is used on sliding brake adjusters, and all contact points on the shoes. It seals out water. The silicone is newer so arguably better. 

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I'll look up those parts tonight, thank y'all so much! I have a new carbouretors coming in and then the brake adjuster stuff should be the last thing before I get it on the road. The adjusters themselves move freely but I'd rather get a fresh pair. The parts I really need are the cable itself and the piece that the cable rests against. The previous owner cut the cable because it got stuck, which was why he stopped driving it. Pulled all the driver side brake components and everything. So I'll have to order a new cable at some point. I have the new shoes and hardware in. Just want to get the adjuster stuff before I go through the hassle of putting. The components back in. 

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Okay Ya'll.I will share.Just remember they show the cost in AU money,so you have to convert it to Dollars.You can make a offer and may get it cheaper.I just ordered 2  washer nozzles from them. Here is their site.They are in Australia.https://www.ebay.com/str/sssautomotiveimports.Here's another cool site.https://partsouq.com/.,I have bought from these people and they ship super fast,just enter the part number.They may or may not have it.They are from United Arab Emirates, Dubai.Remember always pay with pay pal,you can't lose.Shipping may be high but parts are cheaper and may be discontinued.:If you ever send money  thru pay pal to a friend or buying something straight to their pay pal account,always click on friends and pay pal will charge less.I bought a part from someone on you tube.It was 25.00 bucks,he sent me his pay pal account and told me to click on friends,and I was charged just 1.03 to send him the money,a few days later,I got the part


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