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85 Nissan 720 4x4 gas octane change.

Thomas Perkins

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Long ago my engine started pinging,So I started using 93 octane.That made it stop pinging.Now that the Dead boy walking that is in the White House and gas is real high,I have switch to 87 octane and am on my second tank and it is really running awesome so things are looking up,but remember ya'll  in 2024,vote red,make America great again.Go Donald and the Perkins.




85 NISSAN 720,4X4 KING CAB.jpg

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The Z24 is only 8.25 compression and +5 timing, add to this it's a hemi combustion chamber and very detonation resistant so I don't see why it would ping on low octane gas. Is it running hotter that usual this summer?


Backing the timing a couple of degrees is is probably cheaper than 93.

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I'm bored,,,,


Other causes of pinging...


Perhaps timing is slightly too high. The FSM says 5 degrees (+_ 2 degrees) so this means somewhere between +7 and +3 advance is normal.


Running richer than usual and combustion chamber carboned up. These will try to burn off when fresh air enters the combustion chamber and is compressed. Get a pop can and do a Tijuanna Tune Up.


Extreme outside and under hood temperatures causing compression ignition just like a diesel.


Counterfeit NGK spark plugs. OK in cooler weather but act like glow plugs in the summer.


Maybe this is normal 87 gas at your regular gas station. Try a tank of 87 from a different brand. No reason why octane can't be slightly different between blenders.

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