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Aibast - new daily driver 1987 Toyota Starlet (P70)

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I sold my 2002 Volvo S80 D5 daily and got an old car as a daily driver ( I know, I'm strange ). So as I have two old cars now I desided to make a new topic on this car - a 1987 Toyota Starlet P70 - FWD 999cc ( 61ci ) 55hp NA engined manual box (4 speed) compact car.



Got it for realy cheap and it survived this 2020 Oldtimers Winter Rally. 

After the 300km/200mile gravel and mud roadtrip some repairs needed to be made.


The rear brakes needed repair, the clutch is on its last miles and the front brakes are bad, have to get new wheels as the ones under the car rub on hard cornering, the exaust had cracks and leaks. On top of that also need new seats.

First to do was the rear brakes. As they got stuck when reversing. Well when I removed the drum the padcovers just droped out.


Cleaned all up and in went the new pads and all other parts.


After that the exhaust needed work, as there were none to buy had to get some parts


and weld up a new one. 



Then as the seats where bad got some cheap BMW E36compact leather seats. For that needed to mod the mounts. Also repaired some hole in the floor.



Off with the carpet and made a template for new seat polt holes from plywood.




Weather is now warmer so new wheels and tyres.




And now I'm working on the front brakes. You can see in pics why they need work. Glide pins are rusted shut and brake piston is a bit stuck. Cleaned and sandplasted it up and added some quick paint to keep the calibers from rusting. Primer first and then ran out of black spray paint, but I still got white. 


In the garage at the moment - the red Volvo behind the Toyota is getting a turboswap and my pickup project is in the corner at the moment. Also made a quick one-day-build and got a nice toolbox/cabinet on wheels made up. That is in front of the Starlet



















The parts shop got things wrong and sent me wrong brake pads, waiting in them to but the brakes back together again.


Next on the to do list is the clutch change.



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On 5/10/2020 at 12:54 AM, Lockleaf said:

I don't think we had a starlet by this generation.  I'm pretty sure the starlets we did have were rwd.


Cool beater daily!

I think you got P60, P70 body cars went to asia and europe.

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with the cluch change the driveshaft oilseals started to leak. Replaced these, also a oilchange, new gearbox oil, fuel filter and air filter. 

Should be good for some time now. 




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The front wheel bearings failed. Changed them out all good now.  Added a front lip - made from Volvo 940 bumper lip.



In adition had a nice weekend helping a friend get his driftcar ready for first dyno run. BMW E36 with a Volvo T5 engine. The run went some what ok, issue with fueling came out so the tuning run was only on low and safe boost settings and timing. Result was only 364kW (487hp) and 697Nm (514 ft-lb) of torque. 






the red P1800 is his last project car - same type of engine and gearbox as the driftcar - Volvo T5 engine with BMW gearbox.





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dynoed the Starlet. Here are the result. Stock form should be 40kW and 102Nm of torgue.

Got 39kW and 67Nm form wheels. I say not to bad from 33 year old 250 000km engine.



First pull had a bad misfire. The plugs needed adjustment. After that she ran great.

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clutch master cilinder failed so got a repair kit for that 3.- € and and our of work. All good now.


The driftcar got its first taste of real driving. Running on conservative 320kw and 620Nm. I took the pictures as the owner drove it.






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The Starlet felt like it needed some stifness in the body department.

Ordered some metal.



Added some metal from the scrap pile and got myself a custom strutbar. In front and rear.



Now the small box on wheels feels more solid. Next weekend (25.07.2020) I''ll take her to time attack for some fun.


Parked at my house.


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She survived 3h of Time Attack event. Handled like a dream, best car I have ever driven on the limit. Nice and controllable, no under or oversteer, just perfect.


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