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620 Aftermarket Buckets

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Hey guys, I’m looking to get a set of (somewhat) sport seats that will be (somewhat) easy to get bolted into a 620, I don’t care about adjustable because it’ll be all the way back as I’m 6’ tall and not-so-slender. Used from another car or brand new I don’t care, all suggestions welcome and appreciated!

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Hey ratsunuers , got a 1979 (620) kc..need to replace thrashed original bucket  seats..contemplating mini Cooper, (Because I currently have some 2015 mini seats  in my 77 (620),  Or subaru seats..who's used /using either in their (620) ?..I'm uncertain of what I can confidently modify mechanically to work without "Reinventing the wheel", electric or NON electric seats and anything other than cloth, leatherette or whatever..specifics welcome and or pics..

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I've got some older WRX seats in my 510. Can't comment on how they bolt into a 620... but they arent too think in the back, sit pretty low, and arent to bad comfort wise- got good support in turns too. 


Was planning on swapping them into my 620 and put some proper race seats in the 510... but my bench seat is in pretty good shape so I think I am gonna stick with that. 


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I am working restoring a 620 king cab. My first attempt at upholstery work. Sewing the seats is actually really easy and is a perfect winter project. I trimmed the foam out of a newer vw beetle that I bought at pick and pull for 4.00 per seat. The truck is orange so I used orange stitching. I have yet to pull the fabric tight as I am waiting for a heated seat kit. I do not expect it to be perfect but I have found that seats from other vehicles never work as well as the original. If anyone is in the Portland Oregon area, I would be willing to trade redoing their seats if someone could help me with mechanical work or to fix a steering issue. 5ZeHsJf.jpg


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