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  1. demo243, if its NOT too much trouble i wouldn't mind seeing what yours looks like now that you have removed your headliner ? I'm sure there are slots where the "bows" are placed. Cant seem to find a good picture on line..i"m visual, just think it might help me determine how i might proceed once the headliner is out..I have removed the dome light, looked inside the cavity with an inspection mirror/light ,can't see the ends by the doors but looks like there may be ample room to install thermal tape,juke cloth and" datzenmike" like custom carpet headliner..
  2. So, just to be clear for my own understanding, you made ur own headliner out of carpet ?, did you use an adhesive to just stick it up there?..I keep looking at the inside of my (620) and wondering if I could do something similar, like carpet, a custom application I guess, NOT being contingent on the window seals as part of its install and look..I'm curious how yours turned out wheather it's a 620 or something else..Thanks man for your response..
  3. 79 (620) kingcab..are my disc calipers single piston or dual, per side..is there any real noticeable difference between what I have compared to D21 disc. Upgrade?. Seems to me the D21 conversion are being done on other 620s' that don't have front disc to begin with and probably much easier to get D21, than what I have, factory original? ..please advise /comment..are they worth swapping?
  4. I understand attempting removing my headliner prior to removing the window seals is likely to result in damage to the headliner..Is it possible , (a) to remove it without causing damage or (b) remove window seals first ?..this headliner is like new and I'm told it is original.I want to reinstall the headliner after this pickup is painted..has anyone reused / reinstalled their headliner ? I'm removing every thing I can myself in preparation for some bodywork and paint..Thank you all for any comments advice or personal experience
  5. 79 (620) kingcab..any special or specific tool/tools required to safety remove my chrome window trims with the intention of reinstalling them ?..
  6. 79 Datsun (620) kingcab..any one know what specific /special tool or tools are required to remove my chrome trim from the window seals and drip rail without harming it so that i can reinstall it later ?..it's factory/original and looks really good..trying to avoid caveman destruction..
  7. Hey ratsunuers , got a 1979 (620) kc..need to replace thrashed original bucket seats..contemplating mini Cooper, (Because I currently have some 2015 mini seats in my 77 (620), Or subaru seats..who's used /using either in their (620) ?..I'm uncertain of what I can confidently modify mechanically to work without "Reinventing the wheel", electric or NON electric seats and anything other than cloth, leatherette or whatever..specifics welcome and or pics..
  8. I've got a 77 (620) kc and three days ago scored a 79 (620) kc..excited..77 's got 2015 mini copper seats and the 79's got original bucket seats w/matching door cards.I really like the mini copper seats, are the original datsun bucket seats NOT worth reupholstering ?, are they NOT very comfortable ?.. Haven't checked yet but I'll bet it's more expensive $$$ to reupholster original bucket seats than mabye just finding another set of cool leather bucket seats, like, I don't know, mabye some different mini Cooper seats ?.. Anyone's comments, thoughts or opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated..Datsun novice here..
  9. cool, so I've removed both, the headlight and wiper switch, raidio knobs and the three (3) screws up above the clock, speedometer and the third (3rd) one..I have NOT removed the cigarette lighter yet..With the exception of the speedometer cable, are there NO other fasteners on the Lower part of the instruments ?..It sure seems like it but I'll remove the cigar lighter and do what you say w/the speedometer cable..thank you datzenmike..
  10. My first datsun as of July 2019..want to remove instrument cluster cover w/out having to remove the dashboard..need to get behind cluster to wiring..anybody have a good discriptive video or link?, my new manual isn't helpful, don't know if an original one would be more descriptive..trying to get to the constant hot red w/yellow trace in order to illuminate dome light..BIG job I know..Thanks anyone
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