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  1. I used to think the same thing until I got a cbr 954rr. Dry weight 369.9lbs. 154hp. That bike taught me there is a difference between hp and usable hp. Sure it would lay that much power to the pavement but when it will pull the front end off the ground on the freeway at 100 my balls weren't big enough to use it all.
  2. As long as you enjoy the build then I think it is awesome. Plus once you get her on the road you wont be able to get the smile off your face. And it's always so much better when you know you designed and built it yourself! All I was saying is that hp doesnt equal having fun driving. I get lots of looks in my datsun and love driving her. I wish she had more power, was more comfortable, etc but then she wouldn't be a 40 year old Datsun. Cant wait to see yours completed. Good luck!
  3. I dont want to burst your bubble but 350hp is a lot for something that light. Having lots of hp does nothing if you cannot put that hp on the pavement. I own way too many cars and one is a 2000 audi tt fwd with the 1.8l turbo. I have done a stage 2 tune on the motor which puts me at about 250hp and 24psi boost. The problem is that it just spins tires like crazy. If the road is even slightly wet forget about even touching the gas peddle in 1st or 2nd gear. I have almost brand new 18" tires on her and she just cannot hook up. I just hear a lot of people wanting crazy hp out of cars that cannot put that power to the wheels. I know more seems better but if you spend lots of money on getting to 350hp and can only use 150 it seems wasted to me. Trust me I'm always in support of a good project, but you need a modern limited slip awd car to be able to put 350 hp down in a turbo set up. Plus hp is overrated. Torque is so much more important unless you are trying to pass someone at 100. Why do you think turbos had such a bad reputation until the last 20 years. Throwing high compression in something designed for low compression is just a time bomb. I love a turbo engine, I currently own 3 and a naturally aspirated engine is pathetic in comparison. My tt gets 6 mpg in town driven hard and 30 mpg on the freeway. I learned a couple.of years ago when working on my 65 bug not try and make something into something it is not. My Datsun is old and slow but I get more looks than a Corvette.
  4. I am working restoring a 620 king cab. My first attempt at upholstery work. Sewing the seats is actually really easy and is a perfect winter project. I trimmed the foam out of a newer vw beetle that I bought at pick and pull for 4.00 per seat. The truck is orange so I used orange stitching. I have yet to pull the fabric tight as I am waiting for a heated seat kit. I do not expect it to be perfect but I have found that seats from other vehicles never work as well as the original. If anyone is in the Portland Oregon area, I would be willing to trade redoing their seats if someone could help me with mechanical work or to fix a steering issue.
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