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  1. JDM Noob

    Just got a 1979 620

    Welcome! Just a warning, this forum is picture hungry!
  2. Fair points. They were only $26 for the pair shipped so I will see how they look and operate.
  3. Seems redundant but I am responding to myself to let you guys know i am going to order these (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Door-pulls-Race-Rally-Motorsport-Drift-Car-handle-grab-straps-pair-GREY/222202543795) and I will update you on their functionality.
  4. Has anyone ever tried a Pull Loop style door handle in a 620 instead of the normal door handle? *thinking* To clarify I'm talking about the part that actually opens the door, I have seen the door handle itself replaced, but I was wondering if anyone had found success with that mod? Something like: Thoughts?
  5. Oh I see, that makes a bit more sense.
  6. Understood, I did some searching on the forum and came to that conclusion but it seems like a better, more affordable solution. Can-of-worms question here, but if I wanted to make an all-aftermarket dash (tach, speedo, etc) would I still need the Can-Am adaptor for wiring up the truck or could I theoretically buy aftermarket gauges made for the vehicle that the engine comes from and use a (somewhat) unmodified wiring harness without much issue? Just thinking through all options.
  7. I didn’t know that, is there info here on Ratsun about that?
  8. Fair enough, I’m looking at a full package minus cooling and driveshaft from someone local for $800 and I am hoping to go to a one-piece driveshaft anyway, so I’m not terribly bothered about that. I believe that engine is still in the vehicle it will be coming out of, so proof of running shouldn’t be hard to get.
  9. After doing some research, it seems that boosting the sohc KA24 is a huge pain in the ass and especially if I want to hit my goal of 350(ish) whp. And the conversion to dohc doesn’t seem like a great idea for the long-term. I suppose I will continue to look for a KA24DE.
  10. Then the goal remains, only the location shall change.
  11. I plan on it being turbo before it’s first start up, though I suppose I am not in a hurry for completion (I want to make it to canby, it’s 15 minutes from me). It’s out of a 1990 240sx.
  12. Fair points, i will probably take it then. How is pricing for a new clutch and a wiring harness? Is it cost prohibitive to just do the de swap before I swap it?
  13. Looking for some advice from experienced members on this one. I have a lead on a ka24e with trans and ecu for $250 but it’s sohc and needs a new clutch, should I hold off and wait for a de that comes with a it’s wiring harness? All advice welcome!
  14. Thanks! And It’s a car bay we just built into our existing pole barn. Getting sheet rocked next week and then it won’t look so out of place. It was intended as more of a storage location but I’m making-do.
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