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    Running or non running does not matter, budget is tight but I’m looking at all options. Will be receiving a KA so rolling shell is also an option. Thanks! Michael


  2. JDM Noob

    RB25 Powered KC

    I will make a note of that, thanks for the info!
  3. JDM Noob

    RB25 Powered KC

    Again, all valid points and I hadn’t considered the issue with the clutch, though I do agree a (fairly) simple crossmember modification would allow for much easier maintenance. Again this post is just to get opinions before I start investing in the project. Many thanks for the advice thus far.
  4. JDM Noob

    RB25 Powered KC

    I guess I did forget to mention I am new here lol. And I would be looking at doing the work myself with the help of some experienced friends. I guess I never put the timeframe into perspective but I’m not (that) worried about spending the time to do it right. Tuning and final aesthetic application (ie paint, wrap, etc) are out of my wheelhouse and would definitely require outsourcing, but that’s a fairly small part of the process IMHO. A very valid suggestion and I must say I do love me a good old blacktop, though I will say staying NA would make the goal of a “way too fast” street truck a bit more difficult. No dreams crushed; a realistic opinion is always welcome. Decisions decisions!
  5. JDM Noob

    RB25 Powered KC

    Thank you all for the quick and informative replies; I will start this off by saying the goal is to avoid all trees lol. Working with *approximately* rounded numbers, I will have about 150-200 lbs of added weight in the engine bay alone. Not to mention a lot of space to make up to fit an in-line 6 with a 5(6?) speed manual. I am hoping to avoid relocating the rad, that’s not something I would undertake voluntarily. Unfortunately I do not have my hands on an engine at this time, I was hoping to get some warning/reassurance from the gurus here before putting any money into the swap. Many thanks for the advice so far.
  6. JDM Noob

    RB25 Powered KC

    Does anybody have experience with this engine swap? I see it fairly often on other Datsun vehicles but the 620KC/RB combo seems to be uncommon. I am planning to start this summer and was wondering if the Datsun gurus knew of any glaring issues before I dive in. Any and all input welcome, thanks! P.S. I am thinking a ‘77-‘79 KC for this project.
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