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Captain Testicles Workshop 2018 ,, APRIL 21st,, OLYMPIA WA


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FREE I knew that would get a Datsun owners attention



So been having a BBQ at Manute Bol's younger brothers powder coat shop since 2013 and we are again going to try this year.  


BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs and what-not,,,,  if you wanna bring something bring it,,  if not just bring yourself, that ole lady of yours,  and get some feed . 


About 10:45 am or so,,, till whenever 






CT specialties Powdercoating in Olympia 


2815 37th Ave SW # 120, Olympia, WA






Photos from our first CT-BBQ in 2013 and our cruise over to capital building
















This event has really blown up in 6 years for sure.... Pictures from last year 


















.I am sorry to say,,, Marvin the clown will not be there again this year as his court order to not be around Scalpum has not yet expired.



See you there. 















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Maybe after wards we could go for a cruise down to the marina, kinda like a flash mob



ted your ideas are so weird ... 


to clarify im bringing the cooking device, a bbq... prolly can do the condiments too 

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The wife got a sizable promotion over to the  DOJ,,  so i could make her spring for some Costco burger patties this time. 





to clarify im bringing the cooking device, a bbq... prolly can do the condiments too 









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Shut the way nanners tells it in the first post ain't gotta bring nothin so I ain't bringing shit


Except maybe my daughter.


Oh,, i would totally classify that VW you are inevitably going to show up in ,,,, again ,  as a whole lot of .. "shit" 








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Just a reminder... this is tomorrow 







I'm sorry to say GOAT and your mom could not play at our meet due to prior incarceration.. Here they were at CT-Fest 2015 
































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