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Can you use a L18 distributor on a Z24?


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Yes.  As Stoffgren says you need the assembly from the donor motor - distributor, plate, pedestal and set the timing to the specs from the donor using the intake side spark plugs.  

Basically treat it like an early motor and the spare plugs become just plugs, not spark plugs.  Wire it in with one 3 Ohm coil, or a 1.5 Ohm ballast with a 1.5 Ohms coil if you're using points.  

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U looking for single or dual point


No I was just looking for confirmation, some guy bought a Z24 long block from me as he was gonna build a LZ24, then he starts bugging me claiming I haven't been honest about what he bought even though I sent him pictures. So I say he can just use the stuff from his L engine, dizzy, water pump but he said no he couldn't but when I asked him why I never got a reply....

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Well for one the L20B, Z20 and Z22 blocks are shorter than the Z24 so an L20B timing cover will have a 2cm gap under the head that will need filling. In addition the L20B timing chain will need two more links added to compensate for the added height..

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It's sounding like he doesn't have what he needs to build what he wants and it is not his fault, it's some other persons fault and he bought the engine from you.

The L18 front timing cover is really going to be short, and the L18 distributor may not be a bolt in using the Z24 timing chain cover, sounds like he might be in over his head.

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Oh... I assumed he had an L20B for parts. If he has an L18 the timing cover is even shorter. He will have to fill a 4cm gap and add 4 links to the chain.



If you only sold him the Z24 then it's on him as he got what he asked for.

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No and when I asked why he needed these Z parts he said well in case the lz build didn't work out after all(facepalm).

I included new valve seals for the z24, and even had a intake manifold shipped from the US to him just out of goodwill. Not cheap at all. So all he needs is to swap over his water pump and distributor from his L engine if he wants the z24 to run...

So that's why I had to ask because he got mad when I didn't want to GIVE him my Z dizzy with NEW pertronix ignitor, flamethrower coil and sparkplug wires! Like I'm gonna give that shit away...

Idk just seems like the kind of guy who wants everything for free and expects to get his will every time...

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