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Danfiveten's Joker


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Have not posted my build yet.  But thanks to Darren, Jasper, And Albert for making this truck a reality.  Albert provided the truck in trade for a bad trade i had made on a 521.  He took care of me and got me the truck I Originally wanted.  End result is going to be a darked out Graphite and purple truck, that im going to call The Joker.    ( that is if it comes out looking the way i plan on it looking)  I plan a mix of my original blue 620 , so the same air dam,  and 5 spoke titans, only this time i wont be having the mirrors up top, or the shaved bed.    Going to do a purple rubber lip,  door handles,  tailgate emblems, and a custom dan's Datsuns logo im going to do on the doors.  Darren and Jasper have been amazing in doing the labor i cant with my back.  So happy to finally replace my old 620, that was destroyed by the kid i sold it to :( 


My old girl



The 521 i traded















Interior before



After carpet






New fender






And finally, one for the Ladies ;)



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looking good and like the color, is that matt black?

Its a graphite wheel color.  I used wheel paint since it doesnt chip easy,  goes on thick,  and drys pretty fast.  This was Jon Smocks old truck, he had done por15,  but saddly seems moisture was trapped under it as the bed has alot of rot, as well as the driver fender.   I wanted a darker color, but not black,  the graphite looks really good in the sun,  and i hope with the dark purple accents on a few places will look really good.     Ive only had this truck a lil over a month,  and we have made so much headway.  Darren and Jasper alot with the install and changing of hard to get to parts for me with my bad back.   And i have done all the cosmetics.  

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We dropped in the l16 from my 521 for now .   Eventually i want to get another lz 2.2 and dual su's to drop in.  But that will come later.  Right now i want it driving, and looking good from 10 feet.  Was originally going to be just a landscaping / hauling rig.  But ive gotten WAY too excited about it :) 



Forgot how much i missed having a 620.

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Scored some Italian Mirros for 30 bucks.  Usually go for way more, going to re-paint them black for the 620




Then got some LED headlights.  Got these because they were a decent price. Figure the RGB halos would be fun to play with.  LED's are bright as hell.














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Sealed beams with the led's inside. They are Harley Lights. Very bright and im loving them.


Very cool. If you ever want more, those projectors look they could be retrofitted and you could go with a nice set of bulbs from super bright LED’s down the road, people aren’t a fan of HID’s but with a proper set up they work great too.

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Love the headlights, What did you use for carpet?

Stock 620 carpet.  I lucked out in a wrecking yard on my way home from a trip. Lynwood pick n pull had a 620 come in. I had NO tools.  Thing had BRAND NEW carpet in it.  Sucks i could not get the back area and under the seat carpet.  But i got the carpet that goes in the front.  Looked like it had just been put in the truck.

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